Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Part of a Team

Greetings, everyone!

Oh my goodness - I've been gone too long!  It's been an incredibly busy summer!  I've been teaching a lot, and taking classes, and organizing exhibits, and giving tours of the new MOWA - WHEW!  But it's great to be back!  :D

Another of my newest projects is being on the design team for Arnold Grummer's Paper Making!  I'm THRILLED to be a part of it - it's a 6 month gig, so I get to make projects using handmade paper (created the AG way, with recycled materials!) every month until January.

I uploaded my first blog post yesterday to their blog (read it HERE!), and here was the project I created!

Not only did I get to use my stash of handmade papers, I also incorporated my own stamp set!  :)  The theme was "Christmas in July", so that's why everything is in red and green.  :)

I am so grateful to the Arnold Grummer family for letting me in on the fun this year - Kim, Greg and Mabe, you're all such wonderful folks.  Thank you so much also to Terri Sproul, who heads up the design team and keeps us all in line!  I'm already having a BLAST!  :D