Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Lifetime of Travel

Oh my goodness!  I have to share with you the most amazing pile of travel ephemera I've ever received!  Here is but a fraction of the loot:

Incredible, no?  Well, the story behind it is pretty cool, too - 

My artist/professor friend Chris was having a tag sale this past weekend.  She let me know about it and I said I wouldn't miss it!  When I responded she said, "I'm glad you're coming, because I've been saving some stuff for you." (Believe me, it was all of this and MUCH more.)

When I got home and opened it up, I was floored, as you can imagine!  Here, in the bag, were so many of Chris' husband's travel ephemera.  Tony had passed away within the year and it was time to clean house.  He was a lifelong traveler, and look at the places he'd been!  Iceland!  Mexico!  Luxembourg! Brazil! Japan! Russia!  

I was so inspired by all of this wonderful stuff, I just had to create a collage:

I went a step further this time and made it encaustic - it added a lovely sheen to it.  As you can see, I did a bit of tearing and ripping, and had some small bits left over.  So I made one of my latest pendants - a shadowbox pendant!

It's only 1.25" square - I think it turned out pretty nicely!  :)

I hope I've done justice to Tony's ephemera.  I'd like to think that it's been given a fresh start!  :)


  1. that is a great stash of stuff, and a really great 'life story' to go with it! I love the collage, and the pendant!!

  2. What fun! Love your pendant.

  3. beautiful! I saved lots of the travel ephemera, and I'm glad it suited your creative sensibilities! - sarah

  4. What a generous gift and what a lovely way to use it. I love your creativity!!!