Monday, March 11, 2013

A 175K Giveaway!!

Good morning Ephemeraologists!

Happy Daylight Saving Time!  I hope you're all adjusting to the time change - and if not, here's something that might make it easier to swallow ----

I'm doing a GIVEAWAY!

Last week, the blog hit a milestone - it now has been viewed over 175 THOUSAND times!  I can't believe it.  I am filled with awe that this has happened - I mean, I'm pretty sure that some of these views are because of spam, but still!  I know that I have wonderful readers, and I thank you so very much for that.

And I'm very excited about our prize pack!  Our good friends Trina at The Paper Flea Market and Annie at SilverCrow Creations, have agreed to give out awesome gift certificates - you won't want to pass up the opportunity!  If you enter the contest and win, you will receive a $15 certificate from Paper Flea, and a $20 certificate from SilverCrow!  That's a whopping $35 to spend on awesome ephemera!!

Here are the details:

1.  Comment below, or on the Facebook page (but not both), and tell us your favorite topic on Ephemeraology!  It can be a certain decade you love hearing about, your favorite post, ephemera you've noticed here, what you'd love to hear about in the future - whatever!  I can't wait to hear what you have to say!
2.  I will be drawing a name at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 14.  I will let you know via e-mail, so...
3.  IN YOUR COMMENT, YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS USING THE name(at)domain(dot)com FORMAT!!!  If you don't include it, I will assume you didn't read the directions at all and that you don't want to win.  :)

Okay!  Let's see those comments start rollin' in!  :D

A HUGE thank you to The Paper Flea Market and SilverCrow Creations for being so wonderful.  Thank you so much, Trina and Annie!  :D


  1. Hi Mel: Send those gift certificates on over! I just started following you at the same time I joined Arts Altogether. I love the fact that you use discarded items and re-create them to make Art. I don't follow many blogs but I'm following yours just to see "what's next"! I'd also love to join one of your workshops. I'm a photographer but my mind is open to using my photography to be more creative and you have inspired me in this. Thanks

  2. Hi Mel! I love the fact that you recycle old items and use them to create new. I love seeing the new work that you produce using things that most people would think of as trash. :) It's awesome! You do great work!

  3. Hi, Mel,

    I'd love to read more about vintage fasteners; I hadn't realized how many different sorts there are. Also I love seeing what you do with all the old things you find.


  4. I love anything to do with the 40s and 50s. Mid century modern is the best. But really, I enjoy so much you do on here, especially things I wouldn't normally know about. Thanks, Mel!

  5. Hi there, I really enjoy the Blog. I love your "finds"...especially fashion and pop culture from the '40's-'50's-'60's.

    Thanks for passing on the details to great retailers who I have purchased from on your recommendation. They had "just what I was looking for"! You saved me a lot of time...and I was able to buy just what I needed and would have never found without your tip.

    Keep the Blog posts coming! I love reading them.



  6. G'day Mel from in Australia. 175K...that's awesome...congratulations! How can I choose a particular thing about your blog that I like. I love it all. The vintage ephemera is sooooo nostalgic for me (no age given, but I really love to see what you do with it. Your ATCs and collages are inspiring. Keep it up.

    Before I discovered your blog I did not know that what I like to do with paper has a name! For years I've been glueing, stamping, tearing, taping and generally reproducing paper leftovers into new creative forms. Your blog has inspired and validate what I can now call my work. Artist work anyway; nobody has paid for anything! But I always have gifts and tokens to extend to caring friends and loved ones. I enjoy almost everything I read here and thank you for all of it.


  8. Hi, Mel. I mainly follow you on Facebook, this is the first time I've been to your blog. I recently discovered ATC's and I find myself drawn to vintage. Now I'm into recycled postcards and inchies. I love all these outlets for allowing me to reuse & recycle. I've learned to look at "stuff" in a new way. Your collages are amazing. Those little tiny ones are mind-blowing. LOL. Congrats again on your 175K views (and growing), that so very cool.


  9. Hi all! We have a winner!! Trish Wiggin is the lucky recipient of the SilverCrow Creations and Paper Flea Market gift certificates, valued at $35!!

    Thanks so much to all of you who played along - stay tuned for more giveaways soon! :D

  10. WTG, Trish. Enjoy your prizes.