Monday, February 11, 2013


I'm going to credit (blame?) this entire post on the Fond du Lac Public Library - Terri, if you're reading this, it's all your fault!  :D

Okay, a little back story - Terri Fleming, the community liaison for our library, knows that my friends and I like using books in our collages.  Not just the pages, either - the spines, the covers, the vintage library card pockets you sometimes find in the older books - we utilize everything we can find!  So when a big shipment of Readers Digest Condensed Books came in to The Book Cellar recently, guess who she notified immediately?  :D

Oh, the Book Cellar (get it?) is FANTASTIC!  It's a used book store located right in our library!  I have found more books (and collage fodder!) there than anyplace else in town.  The prices are insanely cheap, too, and all proceeds benefit our wonderful library!  It's a win-win-win!  :D

Collage artists - you know how you start with a base, and then you just happen to find the PERFECT pieces for your new work right in front of your nose?  Well, that happened to me today!  It was like kismet, I tell ya, because right after I had dismantled the RDCB for my cover, I noticed this vintage German bag (from Present and Correct) staring at me:

Okay!  Now we're getting somewhere!  
After that I just found a couple of images from a vintage American Magazine, and I now have all the makings for my collage!  But wait....what if I SEWED some of those images?! 

 And what if I used some wording from this 1954 British handbook called "The Highway Code"  (also from Present and Correct - MUCH more on this little booklet later!), and SHAZAM!!!!  We're all set!

Here is the finished collage - I'm really happy with how it turned out!  Wish me luck - I entered it in an exhibit called "Juxtaposition: The Madness of Collage". Keep your fingers crossed that it gets chosen!  :D


  1. I love this collage!! and the designs on those RDCB (much easier to write it that, way, isn't it?!?) covers are great, aren't they?? I also use the innards as collage fodder for tiny words. One or two books and I'm good to go for, pretty much, ever, as far as words go!

    good luck with the competition!

    1. Oh, thank you, Jennifer! :D I LOVE RDCBs - I was unaware of their awesomeness up until about two years ago! I also use the innards, but as "starter" for my handmade paper! :D That is an excellent idea to use the innards for teeny-tiny words, though - I'm going to put one aside just for that purpose! :D

  2. So Mel - did you "remove" the cover from the RDCB to use on its own or did you leave intact? Just curious ( and curious to hear more about Present and Correct). Really like what you did.... Are you snow weary yet (I am!)

    1. Hi Jewels - I took the cover off with a box cutter. I will hang this collage just like this, either one of two ways - a sawtooth hanger on the back, or I'll punch some holes in the top left and right, grommet them, and thread a ribbon or wire through! :D

      As for the snow? I'm REALLY looking forward to spring this year. :)

  3. Great collage!...I'm sure you'll be chosen.