Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The 150K Giveaway!!

Hi everyone!  Happy December to all of you - although it feels more like April here in Wisconsin! :)

I am SO excited - Ephemeraology hit 150,000 views over the weekend!!  WOO HOO!!!

Perhaps some of you remember when we made it to 100K views back in May - well, it has only taken me a little over 6 months to get half again as many!  I think this calls for a celebration, don't you?  :D

I've gotten my friends from Manto Fev, The Paper Flea Market and SilverCrow Creations on board, and wait 'til you hear what they have for you!

Let's start alphabetically, with Manto Fev!  Take a look at what you'll get - a 25 piece ephemera pack (like this one, here), bursting with vintage-y goodness!!!  Knowing Manto Fev like I do (and oh, I do), you'll get an AMAZING selection of vintage papers, store items, game pieces, and all manner of fun stuff.  SWOON!!

And if that weren't enough, you'll also receive a fantastic holiday goody pack, valued at $20, from The Paper Flea Market!  Trina's got a LOT of Christmas items in the shop right now, and methinks your pack will include items like these:

Oh YEAH!!!

But that's not all!!  Our good friends Annie and Pete over at SilverCrow Creations are pitching in a $15 gift certificate - such a deal!  If you've ever checked out their website you KNOW what kind of unbelievable stuff they have there - you could spend a day browsing!
And finally, I will be gathering some of my own ephemera for a special gift pack.  I never know exactly what I'll be packing for these giveaways until I get in the studio and begin digging through my various "piles".  :D  I will send good stuff, though - stuff that you've seen in these blog posts!  The pack is sure to include maps, checks, labels, stamps, invoices - you name it!
I don't even need to tell you that you WILL want to sign up for this giveaway - it's gonna be HUGE.  :D

So here's what you do!  In the comments below or on the Facebook link, let us know your favorite holiday tradition.  Is it baking cookies for Santa?  Spinning the dreidel and eating those yummy chocolate coins?  Or perhaps you enjoy installing your Festivus pole and airing your grievances around the dinner table (Sorry, that's a Seinfeld reference!).  :D  But however you celebrate Christmas/Hanukah/Solstice/Kwaanza/Festivus, let us know what makes you happy!  

Once again, I will highlight this next part so that you don't forget:  YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS IN THE name(at)domain(dot)com FORMAT WITH YOUR COMMENT!  IF YOU DON'T, YOU WILL NOT BE ENTERED IN THE CONTEST.  PERIOD.  Sorry to sound so harsh, but there will still be some who don't follow these directions.  Don't say I didn't warn you!   :D

You have until Friday at midnight CDT, and I'll announce the winner next Tuesday!  

Thank you so much, all of you, for reading this blog.  I never imagined I would have so many wonderful readers and followers, who send me awesome links and Tweets and have become friends!  I appreciate your readership so much!  VIVA EPHEMERA!  :D


  1. ooo ooo ooo !! I am drooling!! I decorate ALOT of clients houses for the Holiday... but I really love to come home... sit in my favorite chair.. and see the twinkling lights outside my front window... the bird feeders are always full , so I get to see a beautiful show of red cardinals... I also love to lay under the tree and look up... its a childhood memory that I still like to do!

    Merry Christmas!!

  2. Definitely my favorite part of Christmas is playing in my studio making Christmas presents & decorations for the house. It's about the only time that glitter comes out to play!



  3. My absolute favorite Christmas tradition is driving through Lakeside Park to see the decorations. I HAVE to see Rudolph every year up on top of the lighthouse. It was something we always did as a family and now my husband and I are carrying on the tradition. :)


  4. well, 30 yrs ago, i use to start writing out the once a yr letter the day after thanksgiving. then , cards recieved got fewer & fewer over the years. now i write out personal letters, as the cards arrive. . traditions - here are a few, but, not limited to : watching some part or all of lord of the rings trilogy with the kidz, making a big pot of chai from scratch & playing scrabble...with the kidz, putting up a large nativity [it was early october this time around], making cashew brittle for daughter's dance teacher, which has turned into hempmeal brittle for [same] dance teacher for our granddaughter, lights in the living room windows that stay up until, well, until they're no longer lighting up { great nightlights }, blessings! hopewonby1(at)yahoo(dot)com

  5. As Christmas nears I like to get out A Christmas Carol with Alastair Sim as Scrooge. To me it is one of the best versions of the story. I also start planning what goodies I will be making for the Holiday gatherings that are coming up.

  6. On Christmas Eve, wrapping presents while watching "A Christmas Carol" (the 1951 black & white version with Alastair Sim as Scrooge).


  7. Ha! Cindy Heuer's comment wasn't there while I was typing. Great minds and all that...

  8. Me and my daughter have always watched White Christmas every year, I swear we know every word and song to the movie. I just love Bing his voice gets me every time he starts to sing White Christmas.

  9. My dad and I used to cut our own tree from the woods behind our house, that's my favorite tradition!


  10. My favorite tradition is celebrating my husbands birthday on the 12th , grand-daughters birthday on the 21st, and then going to the botanical garden to see the Winter Garden Aglow lights, eating crab and shrimp chowder, and opening presents with the kids! Then get up Christmas morning and eat gooey rolls and have coffee! I love making lots of beautiful Christmas crafts and gifts, it is so fun! Merry Christmas, and all I want for Christmas is to WIN! dennis_nancy_1953(at)q(dot)com

  11. My favorite tradition is having Oliebollen (http://dutchfood.about.com/od/breadspastriescookies/r/Oliebollen.htm) every Christmas morning. My great-grandmother made these for my grandfather when he was a child, and we started the tradition again when I was a small child. I would miss not having them!


  12. My favorite holiday tradition is baking cookies with my kids and then enjoying a couple of them warm from the oven!


  13. My favorite holiday tradition is watching our calico fluffycat when we bring home the tree - she gets all excited and as soon as it's inside and settled in the stand, she goes right under and curls up and falls asleep. She's been sleeping under the tree for eleven years now, taking turns with her tortie sister. It's always very sad when her tree goes away...


  14. Ephemera rules!! My fave Christmas tradition is setting up the tree. I have a gorgeous fibre-optic tree that twinkles and I decorate it with gold and red ornaments. I just love it. As for the ephemera..whenI win it (lol) please let me know at jo.murray.art@gmail.com.

    AND I'm having an ephemera giveaway myself at

  15. What an awesome Christmas giveaway. My favorite tradition is family first. I also love to decorate the tree with my kids. When we moved from NY to NC, my kids missed all our family tradition. So I started new ones for a new home. We started stringing popcorn and crandberry garland for our tree every year. 16 years later we still hold that tradidtion. We also all get new PJ's and slippers for Christmas Eve, watch It's a wonderful life, and then the kids get to open one present before bed. We have a big Christmas breakfast and hang out in our PJ's all day, and watch movies. It is our favorite time of the year.

    Happy Holidays,
    happyhomeschoolroom (at) gmail dot com

  16. My favourite holiday tradition is setting up the tree - my grandmother made us homemade ornaments every year up until 2004 (she died 2 days after Christmas 2005 - she was 93). I have 30+ homemade ornaments as a few have broken over the years, but it's so great looking at them every year and remembering what each one meant and the time she put into them. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway! Incredible!!


  17. My favorite holiday tradition/memory is celebrating Christmas Eve at my mother's house. No matter how much we organize and plan ahead, it's always a night of controlled chaos and laughter. We try to take our time unwrapping presents, with one person opening at a time. If the focus is pulled away from the current recipient, the usual refrain is "I'm oooooooopening!" Makes me smile just writing that!


  18. My favorite tradition is driving around looking at all the lights. A simple thing, but it never ceases to be magical.
    -Melissa msk5d(at)comcast(dot)net

  19. How could I not enter a fabulous giveaway like this? Thanks, Mel!

    My favorite part of Christmas is the family dinner and gathering. Watching the kids open presents. Eating the turkey with the cranberry sauce-shaped-like-a-can. A little wine. Sweet potatoes. A little egg nog with a little brandy. My SIL's yummy apple pie. A little Bailey's Irish Cream. Gingerbread houses. A little spicy, spiked cider. You get the idea.

    eschwanke1(at)aol(dot) com

  20. Thank you for your generous offer. I’ll come back to this site again and again, and you don’t even need to give things away for me to do it!

    John Andrew Dixon
    The Collage Miniaturist

  21. I live in another country than my family does, so this year for the first time in many years i will be going hone, i am so happy and excited. I am just happy to be able to hug my family, to feel them, to watch them, to see the light in the kids eyes, its going to be a great christmas
    thanks for the opportunity.

  22. Most of my Christmas traditions are carry overs from my grandmother who raised me. And a lot of them are tied to food. In my family, food was always love (and our collective troubles with weight were the "jolly" result...). My grandmother passed away several years ago, but I still keep food the center of the holiday. I'm now the one who labors over a giant dinner--food enough to feed an army, leftovers for days and making creative use of it all. I make sure to make her famous shrimp salad. I make sure to make her special crescent rolls. I wish I had the stamina to make gifts of food as she did. She used to have me wrap cardboard boxes with wrapping paper. Then we'd fill those boxes with homemade bread, jam, cookies, candies, snack mixes, and pickles. I remember being kind of disgruntled when I was a teenage at having to slave in the kitchen and to work on the assembly line at getting those boxes ready. Now, I wish there had been more years to work with her side by side in that yellow kitchen. Even so, I have the smaller scale tradition of bringing in treats to work and inviting wayward friends and neighbors to dine with me. I think that's still keeping in the spirit of what my grandmother was so masterful at. Thanks for the opportunity. wnerman(at)hotmail(dot)com.

  23. What a great giveaway - the wonderful generosity of Manto Fev - the Paper Flea & SilverCrow Creations !!!!
    My favorite tradition is the party on Christmas Eve - family & friends - wonderful food - lots of laughter & Joy
    kathleen codyrachel

  24. congrats Mel on the 150K - well deserved....
    have to say my favorite tradition is baking cutout cookies with Tom, he decorates AND does dishes! Twice as nice! Christine

  25. Wow! Very nice giveaway! I have a special banana type bread with chocolate chips and cherries that I only make at Xmas. My mom always did years ago too. When the cherries hit the batter, it smells like Xmas to me!

  26. WE HAVE A WINNER!!! Frances Mazias-Sousa, you are the lucky recipient of this awesome 150K Giveaway!!! I will let all of the shops know that you've won! Congratulations, and thanks to ALL of you for entering the contest!! Please try again next time - there'll be one again fairly soon! :D

  27. Congratulations Frances...you lucky girl. Have fun!