Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Cinderella Christmas!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  It's so good to be back!  I've missed you all!  I've been super busy preparing for all of the classes I'll be teaching in the upcoming weeks.  Oh, and then there's this thing called the holidays.  Forgot about that!  :D

And speaking of the holidays, check out this HUGE bag of stamps that I got a few weeks ago:

WOWIE!!!  I mean, this baby is FULL of wonderful cinderellas!  I've spoken about my collection of cinderella stamps before (here and here), but this is the largest collection I've ever gotten in one fell swoop.  The whole bag was only three American dollars at Bumble Puppy, a consignment/estate sale store (where I also got the anatomy dolls that I talked about here).  THREE BUCKS!!  What a score!

There are so many stamps here, I could talk about them for a week.  I've culled the stack to find my favorites!

These VFW stamps are just rad.  I LOVE the color scheme - that red nearly burns your retinas when you try and read past the teal.  I also love the posing little girl (?) and the fact that they're 50 years old.  Just fantastic.

I'm not a religous person, but I really like the minimalist design on these stamps.  They're from 1971, and they're for the LLL Television Ministry - I believe that the LLL stands for "Lutheran Laymen's League" and I guess using these stamps helped earn money for the charity.  Nice use of the three colors!

These next stamps are also wonderful in their simplicity - and they totally remind me of banners that would hang in the church where I went as a kid (First United Presbyterian Church, to be exact).  :D  For lack of a better word, this design has a real ecclesiastical feel to it and for me, that's full of nostalgia.

I'm sure everyone reading has their own Christmas stamp story, either with these or with the American Lung Association (Christmas and Easter Seals) - they were such a part of the culture in the mid- to latter part of the 20th century!


  1. Run out of space yet Mel? You do collect the most amazing stuff.

    1. Ha ha! Jo, you have no idea how close to home this hits! :D It's a good thing that the stuff I collect is pretty small! :D

  2. What a wonderful treasure bag full of stamps. So festive and interesting! ... You know what I'm thinking, though? We have to discover the identity of the little girl on the VFW stamps. Who is she? Why is she on the stamps?

    1. Thanks so much, Chris! And oh yeah - now I HAVE to find out! Great idea! :D