Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Well Hello, Dolly!

(I'm being literal, here - I'm not saying it in the Principal Skinner sense!)  :D

I'M BACK!!!  After a too-long hiatus (illness, crazy-busy-ness, etc.), it feels so good to be back in the saddle.  Thanks so much for sticking with me!  :D

I have my mom in-law to thank for today's post and this wonderful Broadway ephemera:

Hello, Dolly, indeed!  :D

I love that I know own a Playbill!  You would think that somewhere in my ephemera travels and purchases that I would own one but this is the first!  That it has family history makes it even better.  In a delightful one-two punch, I now own the program, too!  The date on the Playbill is April of 1966, which was the month after Rose (my mom in-law) turned 20.  It is also the Chicago version, which makes sense - Chicago is far closer to Fond du Lac than New York!  The story is that Rose went to see the play with a friend of hers - I'm getting all of this info from Brian, so I'll have to get the full scoop the next time I see Rose.  :D She and my dad in-law were already engaged, but he was either already stationed in San Antonio with the Air Force or just about to leave at this point.  I'm sure this trip was a welcome distraction!  :D

To see "Hello, Dolly!" is fantastic enough but to actually get to see it with Carol Channing in the lead role?  PERFECT!  To me, she IS Dolly.  I'm sure I'll get arguments from you, my dear readers - maybe some of you prefer Barbara Streisand.  Or Pearl Bailey.  But for me, Carol's the quintessential character.  She has played this role more than FIVE THOUSAND times.  To put that in perspective, that would be like being on  stage every day for over THIRTEEN YEARS.  Maybe her love of the role is why she is still with us - in January, she'll be 92!

It's funny how different generations remember Carol from different things - I came to know her as Dolly in my twenties but growing up, she waszh the lady with the funny and raspy voisch from "Free to be you and me!".  :D

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