Monday, November 5, 2012

Wear 'em Proudly

In this final political ephemera post, we're gonna kick it old-school today -

Metal tab pins!

I love these little guys!  I got these a while back at the same place, and I just think they're so neat.  My guess is that they were supposed to be worn on a man's shirt, and the tab on the top was probably bent to fit the inside of the front pocket.  Who cares if women wore them or not?  We all vote the way our husbands vote anyway (I am SO kidding!!!).  :D

This little set is a great representation of the elections of the Sixties.  In fact, they could all technically be for the 1968 election - we know that Nixon won the election, but it's unclear to me whether the Kennedy tab was for JFK or RFK - if it's the latter, then it would've been produced before June 6 of that year (the day he was assassinated - then again, this tab could even be for Ted Kennedy!).  In hindsight, most historians believe that Kennedy would've easily won the nomination for Democratic candidate.  After his death, it was the then-vice president Hubert Humphrey and Edmund Muskie ticket that garnered the Dem's nomination.  George Wallace also ran as an independent and won five states in the deep South.

I was only one month old when this election took place - in fact, it was exactly 44 years ago today, on November 5.  This was an election that took a toll on our country in a ridiculously stressful year of riots, assassinations and the Vietnam war.  Much like this election, I'm sure everyone was just glad when it was OVER.

And to that end, I will only say this - if you live in the U.S., PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get out and vote tomorrow!  You vote DOES count - every vote counts!!  If you are still undecided please take a half-hour of your time to read up on where the politicians stand on the issues (a great unbiased site is - they're the ones with the "Truth-o-Meter").  :D

I hope you enjoyed my week of vintage political ephemera!  I will be back with my "regular" posts tomorrow, sheerly out of voter fatigue.  I think we'll all need a break from anything election-related, don't you?  :D

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