Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Body Ephemeral

Happy Tuesday, Ephemeraologists!  Allow me to first tell you how wonderful it is to be back in the swing of things!  I hope all of my readers in the States had a lovely Thanksgiving!

Did any of you participate in Black Friday shopping?  I'll admit it - I did, but not in the way you'd think.  My friend Nicci and I traveled to Appleton specifically for a HUGE art supply sale at a local place called Richeson's (those of you who are artists have probably used their products - they're distributed at places like Jerry's Artarama and Blick).  I SCORED on hardboard canvases - some as low as THREE BUCKS.  We couldn't pass it up!  :D

After Richeson's, we checked out this new (to us) consignment place called Bumble Puppy.  BINGO!  It was like being at an indoor rummage sale, except that it was far more massive than that.  There was a lot of what I like to call "junque", but I did manage to find some wonderful stuff, like this:

The "girl" - she went wild.  Hence, the censor blocks.  :D


What you're seeing here is the front of some amazing paper anatomy figures.  I couldn't find a copyright but judging by their faces and hairstyles, I'm going to put these in the 1920s, possibly as late at the early '30s.  There are other layers, as you can see here, with the muscular layers:

...the nervous system....

and the organ layer....

and finally, the skeletal layer.

Because they're probably 80-some years old, they are really fragile, and our poor gentleman's lower intestine is detached from the organ chart.  :D  But really, they're in surprisingly good shape!  No major tears or folds otherwise, which is miraculous!

I love it when I find stuff like this.  When we set out on Friday morning, I never thought that these "charts" would make their way to my collection.  Hooray for serendipity!  


  1. Great score = interesting his unmentionables got covered up LOL

    1. Jewels, I was thinking the same exact thing! :D

  2. These are great! I love his personal hotel towel, too!

    1. Ha ha, Rebeka! :D Yes, G-d forbid we show the male in all his splendor; we would perish from the earth! :D