Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Invoice me!

November has been an INSANE month - in a great way!  :D  I have accomplished the following since October 31:

  1. Hung my exhibit entitled "My Downtown" with the help of my friend Suze Fiebig (if you can't make it to see the exhibit, buy the book!)
  2. Began tutoring with FDL Literacy Services
  3. Gave a 20-minute presentation for the Museum of Wisconsin Art in West Bend, where I became a docent this year!
WHEW!!  Now that those things are behind me (the first time for all, anyway!), I can get down to making more art.  Now that my 18-month exhibit project is completed, I can start creating new pieces using my many, many, MANY piles of ephemera!  One of those stacks was utilized this weekend:

Some of you long-time readers may remember me talking about this huge stack of invoices that my friend Shelly Massey discovered at a great vintage store in Manitowoc during "Inspire my Life" (we were both instructors there), back in July of 2011 (Here's the link if you'd like to read the post!).  She was so nice to offer to split the stack, so we each wound up with about 100 invoices and receipts.  

Some of these are GORGEOUS, and I'll probably wind up using the letterhead designs in a collage somewhere (like this one, above).

But others are just, well, sort of BLAH.  But wait - there is a lot of creamy ecru patina to these pages!  I can't just throw them away (as you and I both know so well) - so, what should I do with them?


As you can see, that's exactly what I did! And I don't regret it for one second, because this is what became of those shredded documents:

I call the one on the left "PB & J" and the one on the right "BLT" (get it? They sort of look like sandwiches!).  An added bonus - I used those vintage Avon lipstick samples that I got from The Paper Flea Market as the "encaustic" color on the pieces!  :D

I am WAY into abstracts right now and I'm having so much fun.  I think I want to do many more of these - the possibilities are endless!  And thanks to Shelly's generosity, I'll be knee-deep in shredded paper for as long as I want to be!  :D


  1. Very cool!! (I just love when I can use the phrase, "creamy ecru patina", in a sentence!)

  2. So very creative!!! I love your work.

  3. I LOVE these 'sandwiches' Mel!!!! You are so clever!!!!