Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Infinite Ephemera

Oh my goodness, readers - my friend Robin strikes again!  Check this out....

Yep.  This enormous pile of antique (not vintage) invoices and legal documents came to me on Saturday.  I was gallery sitting at the Jazz Gallery for the Warped Milwaukee fiber arts show (which I'm a part of!), and in walked my friend Robin.   You may remember me talking about Robin from this post and this post - she has bestowed upon me some of my favorite ephemera in my whole collection!  And here she was again with a huge new pile of wonderfulness.

One of the great things about this pile is that not only does it contain some of the most fantastically patinaed paper I've seen, but a veritable history of paper fasteners!  Check these out - we have the paper pincher:

The grommet...

The heavy-duty...

...and the staple-less stapler!  :D  What's interesting is that this last one is making a comeback (you can find one here)!

Robin, her friend Gwen and I (and my friends Harmonie and Carolyn) all had a great convo about this ephemera.  While we were looking through the invoices (which will get their own separate blog post!), I commented about how much fun I was having making my new "sandwich" collages, and that some of these old papers would be PERFECT for them.  I looked at her rather sheepishly, and she knew exactly what I was thinking - that I would offend her if I deigned to cut up these papers.

My latest "sandwich" abstract - I call this one "Grilled Cheese"

She said to me, "Mel, I know you're going to be using some of these papers in your collages - I expected you to!  Remember what we talked about before?  That there is an infinite amount of this stuff out there!  In my experience, there will ALWAYS be an abundance of this type of ephemera, because there will be homes that are combed through, old barns and businesses, too - at least enough to last our lifetimes."

Robin is absolutely correct, of course.  We Ephemeraologists always have that nagging thought when we 'use' our collections - "what if this is the last known label of this kind?"  "What if I need this newspaper for an historical reason at some point?"  "What if it turns out that this particular invoice is worth a thousand dollars to some paper dealer?"

Maybe these thought will materialize, but they probably never will.  And if that particular invoice that I used IS worth a thousand bucks?  Well, maybe it'll drive up the price of my art work!  ;)

Thank you again for thinking of me, Robin - your generosity truly knows no bounds!  :D

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