Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Designing Woman

Graphic Design is one of those art careers that fascinates me.  I've always been a huge fan of fonts, illustrations, composition (which serves me well in collage!) and color (again with the collage).  Back when I was in high school and figuring out what I wanted to be "when I grew up", graphic design wasn't even on my radar.  I did rather poorly in my art classes and computers weren't really a thing yet, so I don't think it occurred to anyone that it was a path to take.  Instead, I chose accounting (I know.  It's weird for me too.)  :D

I have a lot of designer friends.  Let me rephrase that:  I have a lot of friend who are designers (they don't wear patches on their foreheads!).  :D  One of those friends is Evelyn McLean-Cowan, who I met a few years back.  She's done a lot of designing locally, and one of my favorite things she's done is the brochure for my friend Sue's B&B, Moondance.

Evelyn took my papermaking class in September and she brought some old paper samples and literature to use in the papers she made.  GENIUS!  Those samples that designers get from paper companies are always high-quality, perfect for papermaking!

So imagine my surprise when I got this HUGE stack of samples and brochures last week:


Some of these I will most definitely put right in my big papermaking bin.  Those neon papers especially - can't wait to see what kind of paper THOSE make!  I do hope to use some of the elements on the brochures in collages, too!  Thanks so much, Evelyn!  :D

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