Thursday, October 11, 2012

To the Aid of your Party

Wait!  Wait!  Don't leave this page - it's NOT political!  I wouldn't do that to you this early (although I DO have a lot of vintage political ephemera, so....).  :D

No, this is a very vintage party game pack!  I picked it up on a recent trip to the Fox Valley Antique Mall - (yes, the same trip as when I bought these guys - in fact, it was in the same booth!).  The copyright is March, 1942 - hence, the patriotic pun.  This was three months into WWII (for us here in the States) and patriotism must've hit a fever pitch at this point!  It was put out by Reginald S. Leister, who went on to found the Leister Game Co. (which by the way, still exists - typos and all!).

Okay, so I spent a little more than I normally do for this game, but *GASP* - check out some of the games that are included!  And the box is nearly full, so I can keep most of the sheets AND use them for my collages!  :D

First, we have the "Memory Test" game, which is chock-full of awesome images.  When I opened this box at the antique mall, it was this sheet I saw.  I knew right then and there that I HAD to have it - and my friend Elise "helped" me realize it.  :D  I mean, COME ON!  How awesome is that vacuum?  And the shoe?  And the plane?!

So that sheet is wonderful enough, but then I encountered this one:

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!  Sheet upon sheet of 1940s advertising logos?!?!  If I wasn't convinced before, this one clinched the deal for me.  I was also surprised at how many of these are still around today!  Along this same vein is this sheet, full of advertising slogans.  Again, there are some on this sheet that I knew right away, because they're still in use!  Hey, if it ain't broke....

Here's a fun one - the movie stars sheet!  They obviously made these so that anyone can play along - if I can figure out who most of these people are, 70 years later, then it must've been a cinch for the game-players of 1942!

There are also "Who am I?" and "People in the News" games included.  Some of these are a little harder to figure out but if you like history, you'd probably get most of these eventually.  And if you don't, the answers are all in the inside of the box top!  :D

Last but not least are these 8 party games, which I'm sure got even better after the al-kee-hol was imbibed.  I'm sure our parents or grandparents played these games - heck, even I played some of these at get-togethers!  Maybe we should bring this type of fun back - I'm sure hilarity would ensue!

After looking over all that I got with this purchase, any buyer's remorse flew right out the window.  I can't wait to use all of these wonderful sheets!  :D

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