Thursday, October 25, 2012

They've been Workin' on the Railroad....

Train travel - doesn't that sound romantic?  I'm sad that I missed this mode of transportation, and it wasn't by much, either - maybe 20-30 years?  My mom and in-laws, who were all born in the same year (1946), all have traveled by train.  And I'm only 22 years younger!

For all of my romanticizing and nostalgia, there was a working side to the railroad, as these wonderful memos suggest:


These are from another lot of goodies that I got at Manto Fev this past weekend.  I HAD to have them!  I have a lot of railroadiana but I had never seen these before.  Plus, some of them are 111 years old!

The handwriting is hard to read on most of them but I did decipher one memo from a gentleman (I assume) who had lovely penmanship.  It reads:
B.W. Herrman, Agent                                                                     7/25
"Dear sir - in regard to aftd (?) our Delivery Clerk made a careful search of all such places but he was unable to Locate the missing case.  I had him make another search but in doing so he found a case simmilar (comforting to know that people misspelled even back then! - Mel) to the Lost Case and he Purchased it and had it delived (sp) to Theobold & Son. I called up Theobold & Son and they said that they would withdraw there (sp) claim as soon as they would receive the Case of Empty Bottles. - Fleming."
Marvelous!  I have no clue what it means, but doesn't "Case of Empty Bottles" sound like a country song?  I think it's a hoot that so many common nouns were capitalized - don't know what that's all about, either.  :D

If you're wondering about the Norfolk & Western Railway, it was in existence all the way up to 1997, when it was merged into Norfolk Southern, a railway that exists even today.  It began life at the Atlantic, Mississippi & Ohio in 1838 but changed the name to N&W in 1881.  They were mainly cargo freight (lots of coal) but also had some passenger operations as well, like the Pocahontas and the Cavalier.  Both cars last ran in 1971.

Will I use these?  Oh yes.  Not all of them, but the ones with white space will most definitely be used in some sort of railway-themed collage.  How could I not?  :D



  1. Those are great!!! I don't understand why we don't have more train travel. It seems silly a day and age like ours when we could probably make them so efficient. Then again, I guess if we did, we wouldn't have such cool items like these!!

    On another note, I went to a post card / paper show this weekend here in Cleveland. I must say, it certainly isn't very much fun looking at ephemera to "purchase" by these people as it is to find it at yard sales or book sales, etc. I don't know why. I did get buy about 15 post cards, but not any paper items. They did have some cool stuff, but I just wasn't into their prices. :\ Kind of a let down.

    I would love to see the collage you make!

  2. Geez, I need to proofread my posts before I publish. I'm really not that dumb. :\

  3. Rebecca, I totally agree! But I don't get it - why do you need to proofread? Your comment was perfect! :D

  4. "I did get buy..." ;0 You need to proofread comments perhaps. haha!