Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Political Pre-Pinbacks

Holy smokes - we're in the home stretch, people!  To all my readers living in the US (and those Canadians who receive US channels) - hang tight!  Only one more week of political ads!  :D

What I'd like to do for the next week is to travel back to a gentler time - a time with newspapers stating facts with an occasional opinion (as opposed to cable news networks of either slant, where it's exactly the opposite), and only three channels, where the only news you'd get would be from David Brinkley, Walter Kronkite or Harry Reasoner.  :)

Before Facebook, how did voters show their affiliation?  With buttons!  The political button is a time-honored tradition - I have quite a few myself!  In fact, there is a photo of me in 1988, shortly after my 20th birthday, proudly showing off my Dukakis pin - I wish I knew where it was but alas, it's probably buried somewhere.  We all know how that turned out!  :)

Here are some pre-pinned pinback buttons, complete with registration marks, probably direct from the printers'!  There are some LBJ pins from the 1964 election....

Some HUGE McGovern pins from 1972 (RIP, George)....

And a Ford-Dole sheet from 1976.

It's interesting that the only winner was LBJ!  And I am VERY ashamed to say that I didn't know that Dole was Ford's running mate in 1976 - I thought it was Nelson Rockefeller!  :/

I love that these were never pressed into plastic - they're as pristine as the day they were printed!  They all show promise, don't they?  In the months preceding an election, it's almost always a nail-biter (with the glaring exception here of the McGovern campaign - he lost in a landslide).  These pins are so hopeful - we Americans have always been loyal to whomever we feel is the best candidate.  It'll be interesting to see how political buttons fare in the coming elections.

Anyway, I'd like to take this opportunity to say, Lincoln in '64!  :D


  1. Considering I was 18 in 1988, I too remember the time of buttons. They were almost like a craze around here. And also considering I live in the biggest swing state in this country, I am entirely ready for this election to be over! I'd be more than happy to show my favorite candidate by means of buttons! Wouldn't it be fun to run by how much flare you could fit on your suspenders instead of these ads? haha! (Rainbow only, of course)

    1. UGH. Only 5 more days, and I couldn't be more thrilled to see it come to an end, too! Wouldn't it be great if the only ads that could be run were just 30 seconds of showing a political button? That's it. No music, no talking - just a shot of their campaign slogan. Ahh....we can dream, right? :D