Friday, October 12, 2012

Making Dentistry FUN!

I'm very lucky - I have a great dentist and hygienist.  They are both very skilled and make going to the dentist a more pleasant experience.  I believe I am finally over my phobia, which plagued me most of my adult life - once, I didn't go for 12 years and another time, for eight.  The sound of the drill was enough to send me over the edge, and I'm a crier, which was always so embarrassing.  But now, I go religiously every four months (I am atoning for my absence by going three times a year).

Harry O. Solomon knows that you have to make dental things fun - check out these beautiful letters!

I have two of these but I had more previously (some of you may have some because of giveaways!).  They're so unusual, aren't they?  This company would send out letters to dentists promoting their services, mainly for prosthetics (dentures).  I got these at Old Stuff Only a while back (they're still available!) and if they say that they're from the 1940s, I believe them.  :)  As you can see, each tri-fold postcard has a different Parisian scene or castle.  Each letter also has a different border.  Beautiful!  I also love that one of the letters is orange!  In the Forties, it would be hard not to notice a letter like this in the stack!

I tried finding more information about Northeastern Dental Laboratory in Detroit but alas, there is nothing to be found.  When I Googled the address, I discovered that there is currently a Marathon gas station on the site. 

When I think about what a trip to the dentist must've been like in the Forties, it makes me even more grateful that we live in an age of pain-free dentistry.  Imagine what it'll be like in another 100 years - maybe dentures won't even exist!

So will I be using these letters in my collage work?  ABSOLUTELY!  I think Harry O. Solomon would want it that way.  :D


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    1. Thanks Jo! And they were SO cheap! :D

  2. Nope. Dentist is still not fun. :)

  3. My great grandfather was named Harry O. Solomon and he was a dentist in Detroit. That is all I know about him. Can you please share a little more about how I find these advertisements? I had no luck at the Old Stuff website. Thanks so much! I Googled his name and found this site...