Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's Dynamite!

Attention all my U.S. readers, ages 30-50!

No, this is not a post about how you already qualify for life insurance.  :D  I'm just curious - how many of you remember "Dynamite" magazine?

I LOVED "Dynamite"!  Unfortunately for my sister, I would read it first, even though it was really her subscription.  I don't know what I was thinking - maybe that because I'm the oldest, I get to read it first?  Yeah.  Let's go with that.  But here's my chance to publicly apologize, 35 years later.  Sorry Jere!  :D

According to Wikipedia, "Dynamite" was published by Scholastic Press from 1974-1992.  I was on the early end of that scale; I'd say prime years were probably 1977-1980.  Covers I remember the most featured Mork and Mindy, Farrah Fawcett-Majors, and Kristy McNichol.

So when I found these AWESOME stickers at our "white elephant" swap, which was held during our most recent live ATC trade in Greendale (that's me in the magenta hoodie at the end of the table!), I squealed with delight.  Turns out they belonged to my friend Carolyn, who just happens to be the same age as I (I think we were the EXACT demographic at the peak of the magazine's popularity). When her parents visited from Virginia, they also brought much of Carolyn's childhood belongings, and these were in one of the boxes!  Even though it had been 35 years since I'd seen these stickers, I immediately knew their origin.  When Carolyn saw me reach for them, she laughed - I think she knew that I would be the eventual recipient when she brought them to the swap!

As a 9 year-old girl, there couldn't have been anything more thrilling than new stickers.  I think I had Ephemeraologist tendencies even then, because I would never use these stickers!  While other kids were pasting them willy-nilly on their notebooks and Trapper Keepers, I would stash mine and occasionally take them out and look at them smugly, because mine were all pristine and everyone else's were getting all dirty from use.  Of course this smugness was moot, because I was the only one who cared whether or not the stickers were pristine (yeah, I was one of those kids) - the sign of a burgeoning collector.  :)

Thanks for being another of "those kids", Carolyn!  :D


  1. Not just stickers but Super-Slick Stickers! Glad they have gone to a good home. Now I just have to figure out where I stashed the Shaun Cassidy poster :D

    1. I'm glad I got them too, Carolyn! We epitomize the "Dynamite Generation"! :D
      As for the Shaun Cassidy poster - I believe I had the same one! :D