Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's Sacony Sue!

I'm not a big comic book fan, but sometimes one just pops out at me and I have to take a second look -

Such was the case with this gem, "The Woodland Adventures of Sue (The Magic Manikin)".  Isn't it marvelous?

I've had a dickens of a time trying to research the darn thing, though - here's what I do know.  Sacony was a company that manufactured women's clothing in the middle part of last century.  Sacony Sue was a line of separates for young girls - they had mix-and-match outfits called "Go Two-gethers" (get it?).  Check out this wonderful ad from the Reading Eagle dated August 27, 1959 and you'll see what I mean.  :D

Since the clothing line was called Sacony Sue, it was no stretch to anthropomorphize it into a comic book character.  Here's the gist -  Sue is a magic manikin (mannequin) who was brought to life by Peppo, the manikin maker (sounds like someone ripped off "Pinocchio"!).  She mainly hangs out in store windows modeling her favorite Sacony Sue separates, but hey, even manikins need a vacation, right?  This time, she's off to the woods with her friend, Mr. Owl, who turns out to be a sort of avian Robin Hood - he steals all of Sue's clothes to give to some needy girl who had no separates of her own!  Along the way, they encounter a gnome named Rumplefrumplediddle, who's bereft because he can't pronounce his own name (what's the big deal?  It's not like it's Welsh!); and a unicorn who's totally bummed because he only makes rainbow-colored hoofprints instead of plain old purple like all of the other unis. Of course, these "problems" get solved in the end and everyone's happy when they arrive at the Back-to-School Fashion Show!  Let's go shopping!

As corny as this comic book is, I would've LOVED IT as a kid, especially for this:

YES!  These marvelous cut-out paper doll outfits!  Never mind that they're flimsy and would've only lasted through one playing, they're fabulous!

Incidentally, if you'd like a copy of Sacony Sue to call your very own, they're still available at Old Stuff Only, and they're in MINT condition!


  1. I am so relieved to know they got back for the back-to-school fashion show! Too funny! Thanks for posting!

    1. I know, Diane! WHEW! I was biting my nails throughout the entire comic book! Now all's right with the world. :D

  2. Sue reminds me of my childhood...I was obsessed with paper dolls and their fashion wardrobe.