Friday, September 7, 2012

Having a Fling!

Here's one of those things that when I see, I HAVE to buy -

YEAH!  Isn't this so cool?  It's a product called "Fling" by Procter & Gamble and they're detergent-filled dishcloths, the design of which is actually patented (and here's the patent online, which became a reality on February 18, 1964).

As you can see, it's in a Saran Wrap-type box, with a serrated edge.  The directions possess that wonderfully faulty logic that only worked in the latter mid-century:
"Throw out your dishrag!  No more messy, sour dishrags to use or launder.  FLING is fresh and clean every time.  Put its tough wet-strength cloth to work and then - throw it away!"
Great in theory, but really wasteful.  Then again, no more wasteful than paper towels, I guess!

This product must not have been around for very long, because I can't find much at all about it in my online searching.  I don't even see any images - could my blog be the first?!  :D

I love the museum-like qualities about this box!  It's nearly full, which is the reason why I bought it (for 2 bucks!) - with this funky design, I will absolutely be using it in my art work!  I may even experiment (with gloves) to see if the "detergent" is still contained in the paper, and what kind of funky things 48 years of sitting around would do to it.  Stay tuned!  :D

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