Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Avon Calling - and I've got a Giveaway! :D

From the "Buying Back my Childhood" files, case #648:

Oh. My GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME.  I am in heaven.  And I'm back in 1978.  :D

Is this not the COOLEST?!?  This is a case of lipstick samples that the Avon Lady would carry with her so that you could try them before buying.  When I saw it for sale in The Paper Flea Market's shop, I HAD to have it.  Why?

Well, let's flash back to 1978.  My late uncle Jim and his wife Ida lived in Waupaca, which is about 75 miles northwest of Fond du Lac (and the same from Green Bay, oddly).  When my sister and I were kids, we would spend the weekend with Jim and Ida occasionally.  On one of these trips, Ida showed me these TINY lipsticks.  I was immediately in love because a). they were lipsticks, which is grown-up stuff to a 9 year old; and b) the miniature factor.  I distinctly remember asking to have one, which would've mortified my mother.  But Idea acquiesced, and I took one home.  I remember the smell of that lipstick, but not the color.

So when I saw this complete set on Paper Flea Market's site, I snatched them up faster than you can say, "Ding Dong! Avon Calling!"  :D

I loved the idea of the Avon Lady when I was a kid.  I thought it was SO glamorous to be an Avon Lady and I loved it when we'd get catalogs in the mail or from neighbor ladies who were trying it out.  I remember so vividly getting "Sweet Honesty" perfume (you can still buy it!) in a compact for Christmas one year and a lip gloss duo that came in the shape of a hamburger.  I loved the lip gloss but hated the taste, so I hardly ever used it.  But I loved it!  I believe that was also 1978!  I guess that was an "Avon" year!

I had seen a similar case to mine of lipsticks on Pinterest, and then the very next day Trina was carrying one in the shop!  I'm so glad she had them, and I'm so glad I own them!  But that's the way it goes with ephemera and durable ephemera, right?  :D  In case you were wondering if I'm actually going to use the lipsticks?  Of course!  But not as lipstick - that would be kind of gross.  :)  No, I'm going to use them as "encaustics", of a sort - it should be interesting!  Stay tuned! :D

And speaking of Trina and the Paper Flea, we're doing a GIVEAWAY!  :D  Yep, there's a $15 gift certificate to Paper Flea Market at stake, and all you need to do is tell us, in the comments below or on Facebook (but not both), some kind of ephemera from your childhood that you loved.  It can be anything - a favorite stamp, a brochure you kept, durable ephemera like this lipstick sample case - anything.  I'll draw a winner from the comments on this Friday, September 14, at 5 p.m. CDT.  Because of shipping costs, we have to limit this to folks in the US and Canada.

Ready?  GO!  :D


  1. I remember when I was a kid, I found some old newspapers in a small crawlspace in our house. It just fascinated me that these pieces of paper had survived for almost a hundred years. They were time capsules to me, what people were doing and the ads were cooler. I think that's when my love of ephemera began. Its been a blessing and a curse, LOL

  2. Gosh-- my favorite? Hard to say. Maybe old Current stationery and note cards. My mom was big into that. Back then, early 70s, the more you bought, the less it cost, and you were encouraged to resell to friends and neighbors! They had lots of fun animal, kid, and flower designs. Sure takes me back when I run across one. Just for the record, Current is still alive and well, but the products have certainly changed! They need to come out with a retro line! And aren't you sorry you asked??

  3. Favorite ephemera from my childhood...hmm...I would have to say the tablets from THE Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia. Yes, the infamous Legionnaire Disease hotel.

    I loved those mini lipsticks when I was a kid. And I also had the hamburger lipgloss! My grandmother was always buying Avon stuff, I still have some of her Avon jewelry from way back.

  4. O.K., I admit it, I STILL love Sweet Honesty, and I still wear it sometimes! Is that weird?! Now I wasn't given much perfume as a child, (can't blame my mom for that, I guess!), but I had a couple of aunts that would give me AVON products for Christmas. I remember specifically getting a bottle of Sweet Honesty in the shape of a green Xmas stocking with a red cap. I hung onto that bottle long after the perfume was gone. I would open it up and smell the leftover scent whenever I needed a lift! Another AVON goodie I hung onto long after it was gone was a jar of lotion called Raining Violets. It was one of those limited edition things. It had pretty violets painted on the lid and it smelled heavenly!! I'm pretty sure I had a lilac scented one, too. Thanks for the awesome AVON memories!!

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  6. I always loved little bitty things, even if it was a little part of something. I liked to go through the junk drawers in my mom's kitchen, my grandma's dining room and my dad's old room. (Everyone has one of those.) I'd pick out odd pieces of things they just couldn't throw away for whatever reason - an old stamp, a clay marble, snippets of chain, Cracker Jax toys, etc. My fave, though, is a pretty little piece that was broken off of a greeting card with flowers and a bluebird sitting in a hand. Maybe a Valentine card. Very Victorian. I keep it in my own junk drawer so my daughter will find it one day.

  7. I think my favorite thing from childhood that I would consider ephemera would be the paper dolls that my grandmother bought me. They were really delicate, but I played with them as much as I could when I visited her. Wish I had them now!

  8. WOW... flashback. I remeber when the Avon Rep came to our house. Her name was Marge, and she was toting her blue Avon suitcase, and we would sit in awe over all the cool stuff she had in her suitcase. She would give me and my sisters each one of those little lipstick samples.
    Funny thing is, not even 2-3 days ago I was just telling my 12 yr old daughter this very same story. She found it fascinating how the Avon reps came to your house like that. I was also telling her how educated in facial beauty products, and the proper colors for a woman's skin type and needs the Avon ladies of yester year were.
    How times have changed. Now you can order it online and, or find a book hanging on your door or mailbox. I prefer the way it was done when I was a kid.
    I would love to win this, I am really loving all the fun things on the paper flea market. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane.
    Many Blessings,
    Kimmie <3

  9. Thanks for the memories! My mother was an Avon Lady, and I remember the lipstick samples (and all the other mini-samples in her kit) with delight.

    My favorite ephemera was also from my mother, who saved MONTHS of Betsy McCall paperdolls from the last page of her McCall's magazines and put them in a scrapbook for me when I was about 8 or 9. To this day I love paperdolls, and I wish I still had some from that scrapbook!

  10. Oh My, i don't mean to be uncouth &/or distasteful {to ANYone}, but, it is a little boy / a bottle stopper /cork sort of thing ..plastic, about 4 " high...& it pees out ~ whatever is being poured out of the bottle. hope i'm not offending ANYone !!!!! PLUMZ SOAPZ {of FB } here

  11. In our tiny town we had 'gold bond' stamps and had a store where you could exchange a book of stamps for wonderful things, the displays in the store were magical. Later it was the S&H stamps and we had a catalog to order from as there was no 'redemption' store. You would mail your books fo stamps and your order form and receive your items in the mail, wow, that was exciting! Oh, no wait!!! You got wonderful glassware in different cereal/oatmeal boxes and towels and things in laundry soap-that was amazing when you saw that deep dark green glassware, it was gorgeous!!!

  12. My favorite piece of ephemera is some old Life magazines my grandmother used to own. I love the old ads and the fashion! They are all still whole magazines because I can't stand to tear them apart!

  13. Office supplies! I spent a lot of time as a kid "helping" my parents at work. I still love them - I'd rather shop for office supplies than clothes!

  14. Everything. I was a rat back then and a rat now (as in the PACK variety.) I loved rummaging through my grandmother's attic and her suitcase full of ephemera. Post cards with ancient stamps (1 centers!) and photos and letters and a book with WW1 songs in it to name a few. My favorite, which I am happy to say I now own, was my grandmother's autograph book. The flourished writing in that book and the flowery words would fascinate me for hours. I am now a calligrapher and the writing isn't nearly as nice as I had remembered, but I still love it dearly. It reminds me that my grandmother wasn't always old, but was once a beautiful young girl.

  15. One of my favourites pieces of ephemera from my childhood is a deck of cards called Les Cris de Paris. The face cards all depict traditional trades from the 19th century, and my sisters and I would use them as "dolls" and make up stories about them. (You can see the cards here; scroll down to the before-last deck.)

    I've been thinking about using them to create ATCs but I'm not sure I dare (yet)!

    Thanks for the giveaway and for introducing me to the Paper Flea Market's shop!

    My email is shewritesandwrites(at)gmail(dot)com (in case I'm lucky enough to win!).

  16. If we're talking about ephemera we still have , my favorite is a burger king "pickle-o" pickle shaped restaurant. I hang it on my Christmas tree.

    I loved those Betsy McCall paper dolls too. If I really like the outfit, I woul make my mom cut it out.

  17. Paper dolls were also some of my favourite things, but they diappeared somewhere over time, as did my 'Golden' Books'. However I still have a favourite book...'Coles Funny Picture Book'....originally published in 1879. You can actually access a copy of it online for free at http://www.gutenberg.org/files/30726/30726-h/30726h.htm.
    It's possible that you can even buy a copy these days. Almost every Australian child had one.