Monday, September 10, 2012

A "Souper" Surprise!

"Nostalgia marketing" is a funny thing, isn't it?  All of this retro packaging showing up in our supermarkets to make us misty for the days when we ate Wheaties or Lucky Charms every morning, or the Pepsi and Doritos you had with your friends after school (while watching re-runs of "The Brady Bunch, of course!), or a rowdy game of Monopoly after dinner with the family.  I'm pretty sure that I'm their target market, but would I be the one consuming these products?  Probably not.  So are the young ones who are consuming the retro-packaged Pepsi and Doritos interested in the old packaging?  If they're as geeky as I was, that would be a resounding "yes".  :D

Well, Target and Campbell's have taken it one step further - they're celebrating the art made popular from that very vintage packaging, the first time around!  Have you seen these?

I love 'em!  They're recreations of Andy Warhol's famous Campbell Soup screenprints he made back in 1962.  So the labels are reproductions of the art that Andy made from the Campbell's Soup labels of the 60s.  I feel like I'm caught in some sort of tape loop!  :D

This type of marketing is genius, in my book.  My sister and bro in-law surprised me with these because they knew I'd like them (how thoughtful!).  I also love tomato soup, so it's a win-win!

So is it only a matter of time until Brillo comes out with a package honoring Andy's work with their product? :D

I've used the Campbell's label in my own artwork too - very much inspired by Andy, of course!  :D

"Andy's Soup Factory" ATC

"Tomato Soup" pendant

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  1. I blogged about these cans a few days ago too! Aren't they too cool?? Unfortunately I do not like tomato soup! Hubby will eat it for me!