Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Gift of Tags!

Let's flash back to August of 2011.  If you're a long-time reader of this blog, you may remember my posts about CREATE!, the retreat I attended with my friend Kim, who was an instructor there (I came along as a helper).  Because Interweave Press (the sponsor of the event) allowed the helpers to sit in on the class, I got a literal front-row seat to view all of the students' work.  It was so neat!

And as serendipity would have it, I was seated right in front of a very nice woman named Dawn (that's her on the far right in the photo, above).  The name of the class Kim was teaching was "Collage my Life", where you created collages using personal items.  I was very taken with Dawn's collage, because she used the most beautiful gray, taupe and light blue hues in her piece.  It was so serene!  If memory serves, it was beach-themed (Dawn, if you're reading this, correct me if I'm wrong!).  Because I was so fond of the collage, I struck up a conversation with Dawn.  It was great to meet her, and after the class we became Facebook friends.  I'll say this - love it or hate it, NO other form of social media has done such a service to maintaining old and new friendships as Facebook.  Just five short years ago, I would've met Dawn at CREATE!, and that would've been it.  What a world we live in!  :D

But I digress.  A while back, I had put this piece here, entitled "The Merrymakers", up on my wall.  Dawn commented on it and we got to chatting about it.  Then she wrote me,
"This might be kind of an odd question, want some vintage tags from cashmere and wool sweaters circa 1940 or 50's maybe? I think the tags might be in better shape than the clothes.....They belonged to my eccentric, great Aunt Marge. She was known for having his and her toilets with a tiny waist high wall in between so her and the mr could still hold hands. When she passed on, we found all her diamonds hidden inside her toilet. WOW! Old people really used to know how to live....anywho, I saw the above collage and immediately thought of my aunt. I think she'd really dig you. They're yours. :)"

Isn't this unbelievable?  You could NEVER make up a story like that if you tried!  What a lady!  :D  What got me, though is firstly, that Dawn actually thought of ME when entrusting her dear Aunt Marge's clothes tags to someone is wonderful enough.  To think that Aunt Marge would've found me a hoot?  Well, I'm getting verklempt all over again.

And then, when I got the packet of these amazing labels in the mail yesterday -

SHAZAM!!  They are all SPECTACULAR!!  Check out the vintage Lane Bryant tag....

And the neat John Wanamaker one (click on the link for the super-cool history behind Wanamaker's!), which happens to be Dawn's favorite.  Hmm....however could I repay her for this gesture?  :D

I've already profusely thanked Dawn on Facebook, but this is my public letter of thanks to you, Dawn, for the most loveliest of gestures.  I really can't thank you enough.  You totally made my day with this gift!!  

Am I a lucky girl, or WHAT?!  :D


  1. You are a lucky whats about it!

    1. Hee hee - Don't I know it, Jo! :) Thanks for commenting! :D

  2. I would definitely say lucky... You get some really neat stuff. Have fun creating with your "new" labels. Dawn seems pretty special too, it takes a special person to be so generous. I'm sure she would have made her aunt proud.

    Love the story about the his and hers toities.... too funny!!!

    Lover of your blog,