Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stamp Happy!

As promised, here's the second part of my blog post!  I couldn't just stop at the air mail envelopes - I had to show you the stamp lot I received in the same package!

I don't know if the seller was once the proprietor of Lizeck Stamps in St. Louis, but it seems like many of the stamps are from this shop, like this lot of bullfighting stamps from Ecuatorial Guinea.  The way they're presented, with the typewritten specimen-type showcasing, tells me that these stamps were probably originally up for sale in the 70s or 80s (the stamps are mainly from the 70s, with some newer ones thrown in).  The little display cards only add to the coolness factor!

Some of the lots I bought are topical; some are just random stamps from places that make me wish I had paid closer attention in Geography class.  Thank goodness for the Internet, or I'd have to bust out the encyclopedia to find out about New Hebrides (now called Vanuatu, as you can see on the furthest stamp to the right). Oh, the things you learn from stamps!

It seems to me that stamp design peaked in the 60s and 70s - before that time it was mainly boring heads of state or one-color designs, and after they became too glossy and "showy".  I love these stamps, which are still mainly engraved, and have really interesting subject matter.  Case in point:

*SWOON*  I am in LOVE with these car-history stamps from Ajman State (had to look this up too - it's one of the seven states in the United Arab Emirates)!  I recognized some of the car manufacturers, like Renault, Fiat, Mercedes and Peugeot, but others, like the three on the bottom, I have no clue.  Can anyone tell me which make of car these are?  Oh, and in case you're wondering - YES!  I will be making pendants with these awesome, tiny cars.  :D

Other stamps, like this one from the Soviet Union, need no words to describe what's going on; clearly, this is a "stop acid rain" stamp from 1990 (which, incidentally has to be one of the last "CCCP" stamps ever made, wouldn't you think?).

Here are some stamps from other countries, namely Belgian Congo and Sharjah (another UAE state), featuring JFK - does this strike you as odd?  The Congo ones are from 1965 and the Sharjah stamps are from 1972 as part of their "Prominent Persons" series.  I know he was a beloved president here (or at least revered after his death) but to see one of our presidents on foreign stamps is surprising.  Something tells me we're never going to see foreign stamps with George W. Bush on them..  :D

All in all I must have at least 100 stamps from this lot - I'm going to have a lot of fun with these!


  1. Love stamps, too! Such history, surprise and glamour. I wish that youngsters were as enamoured with them as I was when I was young. I tried to get Pete's grandsons interested in collecting them at least for a while, but they were just not as interesting as Pokemon to them. What a shame.

    1. Annie, it does seem as though stamp collecting for kids is a thing of the past, as they have so many other bright, shiny things vying for their attention. It IS a shame, because a stamp collection can be the beginning of a lifetime interest - just ask me! :D

  2. I love stamps, too! Once I got a box of mixed stamps at a garage sale and spent the next 2 days looking them up in a stamp guide book and sorting them into different decades!

  3. Cool stamps Mel - I recently got two stamp collector books but everything was from the 50's - though I do love the colours for coll-aging. J