Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shoppin' at the 'Sco!

When you were growing up, did you make trips to the corner drug store?  We did - sort of.

By the time I was in my early teens, the suburb of Ashwaubenon was growing pretty rapidly.  We lived on the northeast side of town, which was fairly new (about as old as I was). My sister and I grew up about a mile from Lambeau Field (GO PACK!) and because of that stadium, there was commercial growth as well.

Around the time we hit 11 and 12 our mom and dad would let us walk to Osco Drug, which was fairly close to the stadium but we didn't have to traverse any major roads (like Lombardi Avenue) to get there.  We would while away boring Sunday afternoons looking at the make-up and magazines and getting icy glares from the older lady at the cosmetics counter because we always looked, but almost never bought.  I have such fond memories of spending time with Jen (my awesome sister) this way!

So when we were cleaning out my Grammie's house when it was being sold, and I came across this Osco coupon booklet from January of 1977, I HAD to take it.  Why not - I'm quite certain no one else wanted it!  :D  This booklet pre-dates any of mine and my sister's trips to "the 'Sco", but it still brings back tons of memories.  It was a supplement to the Green Bay Press-Gazette (where I worked from 1993-96) so that adds to the nostalgia.

Oh, and the old logos of familiar products - Irish Spring!  L'eggs pantyhose!  Soft-White light bulbs!  The prices are fantastic, too - a 10-PAK of Wrigley's for 69 cents?!  Mr. Coffee filters for 89 cents?!

I'm entering "no, that can't be!" territory now.  This booklet is over 35 years old.  WHAT?  How is that possible?  Nineteen seventy-seven was only about 15 years ago, wasn't it?  Another odd gauge of time is that later on in our youth, Jen got a job at that very same Osco, which led her to her path of becoming a pharmacy technician with Walgreens, where was an employee for over 12 years and she met her husband Mike (now of 16 years).  But all of that was yet to be when this booklet was printed.  Is it weird that I think about this kind of stuff when I look through my ephemera?  :D

Now onto the big question - to cut or not to cut?  I could have some fun with this but I'm pretty sure that I'd have to look far and wide for another of its kind.  What do you think?  Let me know!


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    1. What region of the US did you call home? Back in the 70s, we didn't even have Walgreens yet, but there was a Rexall Drug downtown in Green Bay. I believe Fond du Lac had one, too!

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  3. If I just can't bear to cut into something, I take it to Kinko's and make color copies. Sometimes I make several copies in different sizes, because I never know exactly what I'm going to do with them.

    That's a real treasure, and a lovely way to remember your Grammie, too! It sounds like your family has quite a pharmaceutical history going there.

    1. Ann, I'm all about the cutting so if I absolutely can't, I won't use it (I'm a "purist" and never use photocopies - they just don't look the same to me). I think I am going to leave this booklet intact for now - maybe my Grammie will let me know in some way when it's okay for me to use it. :D

  4. We had Osco in FDL years ago and right across from Walgreens on Main and Johnson too! Talk about having a competitor nearby! I always loved going to Osco though and remember as a kid how the candle aisle seemed so tall and wide...neverending! The ad for the L'eggs pantyhose caught my eye! For some reason I always remember thinking those eggs the pantyhose came in were so neat when my grandma and mom would have them!

    1. Michelle, I had TOTALLY forgotten about that Osco! I do remember it now - it was there before the Agnesian Health Shoppe went in and that happened around the time that all of the stand-alone Oscos were leaving (now they're only in Jewel grocery stores, I believe).
      I always loved L'eggs myself, and my parents would keep those containers and use them for our Easter baskets! :D