Thursday, August 30, 2012

If it Ain't Broke....

"We try harder" in phonetic Thai
We Try Harder.

Quick - whose slogan is this?  Or more correctly, whose slogan WAS this?

Most of you North Americans probably know that the slogan belonged to Avis.  Yep, belonged.  Very recently, they changed it to "It's your Space".

I've always loved advertising logos and slogans (as seen in this post).  I used to own a board game called "Adverteasing", where the whole object of the game was to guess the company to the slogan on the card.  I'm sure "We Try Harder" was one of them, because it had been around since 1962.  The slogan is six years older than I am!

In the articles I've read about Avis' decision to switch a tried-and-true slogan to an arguably more forgettable one, they all wonder, "why the change?".  I have to agree - what does "It's your Space." even mean?  All I can say is that they better come up with some super clever ads to go with the new slogan (they haven't yet, as far as I'm concerned), or they'll revert so fast it'll be like the whole thing never happened (only millions of dollars later).
"We try harder" in

"We try harder" in
Just HOW ubiquitous was "We Try Harder"?  Well, check out these Avis tab buttons in all different languages.  Aren't they great?  I got them a while back at The Paper Flea Market, and I believe they're from around 1967.  To me, if your slogan is known worldwide, you think twice before blatantly tossing it.  I think heads are going to roll over this one.

Then again, the new slogan has people talking, doesn't it (points to self)?  :D


  1. I had a drawer full of these at one time. I dated a guy who worked for Avis and he gave them to me. Drat! I'm sure they've been discarded, though I kept them for YEARS!

    1. Really?! That's so great! I had never seen these before and I actually just bought some more on Ebay! :D It's a really clever marketing gimmick, don't you think? :D