Friday, August 24, 2012

Funky Food Die-cuts, plus a Sneak Peek!

Happy Friday, everyone!  I thought I would end the week on a hootful note -

These weird die-cut food items!  Aren't they great?

I got these on Etsy over three years ago, and recently encountered them again (can you tell I've been cleaning this week?).  I just love them!  They're so darn quirky, and the washed-out photography that's so typical of the '70s makes it even better.

According to the item description, these are flash cards from the National Dairy Council, copyright 1974.   My guess is that they were used in grade school nutrition units, or maybe when discussing good choices in the hot lunch line?  Maybe they were giveaways when you sent in proofs-of-purchase?  Whatever the case, I'm glad I have them.  They make me smile.  And now that I've found them again, I have a great idea for a collage....wheels are turning....stay tuned!  :D

Now, what's this sneak peek all about?  Well, I want to prepare you for the fantastic giveaway I have lined up for Monday..... stay tuned!  You will absolutely want to enter this contest!  :D


  1. Love those die cuts, too! The hamburgers are kinda scary though!

  2. I agree, the meat patties do look suspicious! As a school lunch lady I can appreciate these tools of "food education"!

  3. I have a set of those too. I think I got them for ten whole cents at a book sale. My favorites are the liver and other meat items. Kind of creepy.

  4. My sister bought a bunch of these a while ago and grouped them in three different meals, breakfast, lunch and supper and called them "three squares" and they hand on her office wall. she framed a fourth for me of odds and ends and I have it hanging up too. Very cool.

  5. I meant HANG on her office wall. Duh.