Friday, August 17, 2012


Here's a pop quiz for you on this lovely Friday morning!  Please answer as honestly as you can.  :)
When I was a kid, I:
                     a) Collected stamps
                     b) Still colored in coloring books when I was 13
                     c) Saved up my allowance money to buy a Dymo label maker
                     d) All of the above

If you answered "all of the above", congratulations!  You're a nerd.  Oh, and if you haven't already guessed, I did all of these things.  :D

When I was about 10 or 11, I became OBSESSED with having my own Dymo label maker!  I had seen my dad mark everything we owned with one and I just loved the idea of a sort of portable typewriter with colored tape.  The tape was what interested me the most and being the collector that I've always been, I wanted every single color tape imaginable.  I didn't own many things in those days that I could've marked with my Dymo (my bike?  My Barbies?) but it didn't matter; I think the idea of it was what I loved.  I wish I still had my original Dymo and all of those tapes.  I can't remember exactly, but I think it looked like this.

And like so many things I own, about 7 years ago I bought back a piece of my childhood.  Here is my Dymo today:

A lot sleeker, to be sure, and much more ergonomic. And now it's not just a lowly label maker; it's a Label BLASTER.  But I like the old one better.  :)

The machine came with a roll or two of tape, and I did purchase the primary colors pack of tape, but that didn't sate my hunger.  I wanted more.  And I got my wish, when visiting two amazing shops - Wegner's Department Store in Fond du Lac, and Winkler's Office Supply in West Bend.  Both are old-fashioned office supply stores that went the way of the typewriter when Staples and their ilk took over.  But oh, I love them so.  I proceeded to purchase tape in every single color they owned, and in the process discovered what I believe to be the holy grail of label tape:

Wood grain.  :D

This was my dad's favorite!  And I found another color that he used:

Avocado green!  :D

Okay, I just did a quick search on Ebay and discovered that I need not worry about running out - I can pick up these babies for CHEAP!  This makes me happy.  :D

I never use the tape for its intended purpose, but I have used it in my artwork!

"Sawyer Glacier' ATC - one of my first
"Arcane Typewriter" ATC - there's the woodgrain tape!

"Oxygen Distribution" ATC - for this one
I used the tape backing, which I love as
much as the tape itself!  :D


  1. I was still coloring at 13 and still do to this day! As for the labeler, every time I was at my grandma's house I played with my aunt's Dymo labeler! I remember the red tape and avocado green too! I wanted my own but never ended up with one until a few years ago when I changed offices at marian and started using one at work, I order the supplies and have been trying to find a reason to order colored tapes! We have a battery powered type that prints instead of the type you have! I am thinking I might have to hit eBay though for this retro style one to use at home! Thanks for bringing back some great memories!

    1. Michelle, I'm so glad I'm not the only adult colorer! :D I wonder if most kids of our generation just really loved that Dymo labeler - there's something irresistible about it, isn't there? Best of luck in your Dymo search - and post the photo on the Ephemeraology FB page when you hit the jackpot! :D

  2. This was a lot of fun to read and visually appealing as well. I am new to ATC's, Art Journaling, and all that goes along with it. I was actually linked to your site when I was reading about ephamera, it was I love your ATC's. I am becoming slightly obssessed with learning about them, and even before I leardned the true definition of Ephemera, I have had this little voice inside my head that has said no to me throwing away items like ticket stubs, wrappers to our chopsticks, cool looking labels that easily peel from a bottle, etc. (I am a firm believer if you can get a label peeled from a bottle without it ripping, the craft gods meant for one to use it.)
    Thanks for the blog post, and sharing. I will happily keep my eye out for your French Game. ;) HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!!