Monday, August 20, 2012

Cool Old Wrappers

What are the odds of a wrapper standing the test of time?  Most people casually throw wrappers away every day (including me), but let's say that you've gone on a trip and you've managed to save a whole bunch of really cool ephemeral items that will remind you of your journey.  Even then, there are are bound to be a few pieces that don't make it.

Which is why I am astounded that I own these two pieces!

From a design standpoint, this first piece, an Israeli gum wrapper, is just fantastic.  I love the bold orangey-yellow with that shock of red - the Israeli lettering adds to the coolness factor.  It's stark, without any ingredients or other wording, which makes it feel more like a tiny piece of art - which it is, in my opinion.  :D

This next piece is a tad precarious - it's still FULL!  It's a packet of Sasso salad dressing from an Alitalia flight.  I just love everything about this packet - the font, the wonderful photos of the oil and vinegar, the Alitalia logo on the back, which hasn't changed at all in the last 33 years (at least!); but what do I do with it?  This packet is from 1979 (I'll get to how I know that in a minute), so if I open it up I may be subjecting myself to a rancid, horrid mess.  The quandary is, that's the only way I'll ever use any of the wrapper!  I'm also afraid that if I don't open it myself, it will at some point leak all over the drawer in which it's placed (note to self: it would probably be a good idea to place this in a sandwich bag PRONTO).  :D

You may have guessed by now that these aren't just ordinary wrappers; they happen to be from my Grammie's trip to Italy and Israel in the summer of 1979.  You may remember other posts about the ephemera she brought back with her, and how it fascinates me that we were so alike in this regard.  So I pose the question to you, my dear readers - do I keep that packet of salad dressing intact, or do I brave it and use it in artwork somehow?  What would YOU do?  :D

Okay, one last item of business - we only need ONE MORE LIKE in order to get the pendant giveaway underway (remember, from last week Monday?)!!  Seriously - ONE.  So, who wants to be known and the wonderful soul who was able to put this giveaway in motion?  If you already "like" the page, you are automatically entered in this giveaway (here is a link to all of my pendants on the Web site - you get to choose!).  Everyone is welcome, regardless of where you live!  As soon as we hit the 200 mark I will do the random number giveaway and I'll post the winner straight away.  If you're the winner and I do not hear from you in three days, I will draw another name and continue in this fashion until I get a response.  Ready? Set?  LIKE! :D


  1. Oh my, I doubt salad oil keeps that long, but maybe you could set it in acrylic?

  2. Egads the thought of what it might smell like when you open it would certainly make me pause LOL. But if you truly want to "eternalize" it I say go for it and make that wonderful art piece it is destined for :)...

  3. I say use it. Maybe embed it in resin or gel medium, or go outside on a nice breezy day and drain it, but use it!

    I have a small but growing collection of chopstick wrappers. I don't know what I'll do with them, but they sure are pretty.