Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Token that I Appreciate!

I have a lot of "durable ephemera" - things like vintage Dutch food label stick pins, tobacco tags, tiny vintage tacks - that sort of thing.  I love all of these trinkets and tiny finds - each one is like a little lost treasure.

Speaking of lost treasure, I was going through my bin of durable ephemera and came across these:

I had TOTALLY forgotten about them (you know it's bad when you forget about something as cool as these!).  The seller described these as "Vespa petrol (gasoline) counters", which I initially thought to be tokens one could redeem at a French gas station.  Then I did a search for "Capiepa", the word in the middle of the token, and discovered that these actually belong to a French board game called "Tour du Monde en Vespa"!  It's REALLY cool and obviously very sought-after (I did find one on Ebay France for sale!).  I'd love to get my hands on this game at some point, but it looks like a lot of other people would like to, also!  :D

I did find out the word for coins and tokens with no monetary value - exonumia!  If that's the case, then I really love this exonumatic example that I was fortunate enough to nab while I could!  :D

In case you were wondering - yes!  I have used one of these babies in my art work; I did this ATC about three years ago:

As you might be able to tell, I also used a matchbook label with a Vespa-type scooter on it; that is the extent of my Vespa ephemera (the other stuff on the card is non-vintage wrapping paper).  But I love them, so I hope I run into more!  :D


  1. Hi Mel! If you make any artwork for sale with these - please let me know!! PS - long time no "see"! *smiles* ~Jen

    1. Hi Jennifer! So nice to "see" you here! :D Hmm...now you've got my wheel's a-turnin'! I will most definitely let you know when I make something with these! Thanks so much - and I'll see you on Pinterest! :D

  2. Love the ATC...and your collection of 'stuff'.

  3. I really like the tokens and the ATC.