Monday, August 13, 2012

A Night at the Theatre, Plus a Pendant Giveaway!

This past Saturday we did something that we enjoy doing every year - we went to American Players Theatre (APT) in Spring Green, Wisconsin.

If you're not familiar, APT is a theater company who performs mainly outdoors, although they just built an indoor theater a few years ago so that they can perform year-round.  I'm sure it's wonderful, but I'll take the outdoor theater ANY day. There is something absolutely magical about being in the woods on a beautiful summer night and experiencing world-class performances.  We saw "The Admirable Crichton" by J.M. Barrie on Saturday, which happened to be the opening performance.  The players are so perfect, though, that you'd never know it was their first time performing the play!

When you finally reach the top of the hill to the theater, you are greeted by a big wall of shelves which house the programs.  It's your choice to keep the program, although for the sake of recycling and saving money they always appreciate it when you return it at the end of the performance.  What do you suppose I do with mine?

You guessed it!  I HAVE to keep them every year, not only as a keepsake (this is our 9th summer attending these and I forget from year to year what I've seen) but also because of the design.  As you can see, the cover is gorgeous, but local designers also created some of the ads of products they sell in the concessions:

I have used those tiny butterflies from the cover on an ATC or two and I plan on saving the nice big text from the ads for other projects - so in a way, I'm still recycling the program, right?  :D

Every year the program creators seem to outdo themselves, and it hasn't gone unnoticed - HOW magazine presented them with an award of merit again this year for client promotion!  Every year I look forward to not only the plays but the programs, because I know both will be top-notch.

Just one of my pendants available at!
Okay!  On to the pendant giveaway!  Some of you may be aware that I'm Mel, and I have my own website! Not only that, but I have a Facebook page to promote my website!  :D  I'm really close to 200 "likes" and I'd like to get there soon, so what better way for people to like the page than to offer an incentive?  This is where the pendant giveaway comes into play - if you like my page you'll instantly be entered to win one of my pendants!  If you'd like to see what I have available currently, here is the link.  Once we get to 200 likes, I'll draw a name - hopefully it's yours!

This is a Facebook-only promotion and because I may be paying for shipping, I'll be sending your pendant in a flat, padded envelope (sorry, no gift boxes!).  YOU get to choose your pendant from those available at the time of the giveaway!  :D

Don't worry - they're all made with ephemera!  :D


  1. Another great little giveaway, Mel!! Keeping my fingers crossed - I love your work!

    1. Thanks Eileen! That's so nice of you to say! :D

  2. Love those program covers - I'm off to "like" you (like I need an incentive LOL) J

  3. And they're ALL cool, Jewels! I wish I could find where I put previous years' programs - sometimes that happens with we Ephemeraologists, right? :D I knew you "liked" my page before, so you're already entered! YAY! :D

  4. Beautiful pendant - I would love to win -this good luck to everyone

  5. Yay! I see you made 200. Hopw I get to choose one....but goosd luck EVERYONE.