Thursday, July 26, 2012

Star Struck

Museum of Ephemera (MOE), Naskup, B.C.
What's your idea of a "celebrity"?  Is it a movie star?  A football player?  A Broadway actor?  Or could it be a guy who lives in Naskup, British Columbia and started his own museum?  :D 

Yesterday morning I got a message on my Ephemeraology Facebook page from Don Mabie, AKA Chuck Stake.  He said that he had posted a video on my ATCs - Artist Trading Cards and Ephemeraology pages about his museum, the MOE (Museum of Ephemera) that he operates in Naskup.  What he said next floored me, because he said it so offhandedly that I had to read it a couple times: 
"I am also involved in ATCs, I am the guy who brought the idea of ATCs from Zurich to North America after my friend vanci came up with the idea - I attended the first trading session in Zurich."
You know, no big whoop (!!!!).   :D

I am a little embarrassed to admit that I wrote him a rather praise-filled reply to that message, filled with over-the-top hyperbole about how he unknowingly changed my life (he kind of did, though!) by introducing ATCs to us, and how I would be one of those annoying hangers-on at his museum if Naskup weren't on the other end of the continent.  He never wrote me back after that, so I can only assume he thinks I'm a wack-job.  :D

Mr. Mabie's resume (CV) is impressive - he seems to know trends before they're trends!  He began doing mail art in 1971 and founded Chuck Stake Enterprises in 1972, which is when he became Chuck Stake.  At the risk of just copying and pasting the rest of his VERY long list of adventures and accomplishments, check out everything Chuck's done in the last 40 years here.

Alas, Chuck has no website or Facebook page about the MOE, but he does have a You Tube channel featuring not only the aforementioned video, but this one about his "stickyback" collages from last year. Chuck's been collecting stickers for 40 years and that's how these collages came about.

But more about the ephemera!  Here is a shot of one of the walls of the MOE, which he wallpapered entirely with this own ephemera collection:

I guess when you've been collecting for over 40 years, you can do this easily!  Keep in mind that this was just an installation, NOT permanent.  Now that's dedication!

I really would love to visit this place, as I'm sure we all would!  :D  After reading Chuck's message, I seriously considered updating my passport and taking a trip with Brian out west next year.

It is messages like Chuck's that make me realize what a close community we Ephemeraologists have developed.  There are a lot of us out there and now, we're easy to find!  It is so life-affirming when you can share your ephemera and collage passions with others regardless of location, age, station in life, gender, or culture.  It is a connecting force!  



  1. I am so jealous and happy for you- I hope "Chuck Stake "' contacts you again! Thank you for your great site and sharing this -- amazing first hand info about something that all of us who love ATC'S have heard
    thanks ;)

  2. Don is such a great guy. I corresponded with him quite a few years ago when I first got into ATC. He is the North American ATC Father!! He shared several of his cards, and some ephemera, stickers, etc with me. I would love to see the MOE Someday--Personally, I don't think He gets the credit he deserves for starting the ATC movement in Canada and the USA.

  3. Haha! You ATC groupie! He's probably taken out a restraining order now ;o) Great story!