Monday, July 9, 2012

A Sea of Maps!

Greetings, my fellow Ephemeraologists!  Happy Monday to you.  I hope you all had great weekends!  I want to thank you all so much for all of the lovely comments I've received regarding our two-week Ephemera Artists series!  Sounds like it was a big hit - so much so that I'm already collecting profiles for the NEXT round!  :D

Today, though, we're back with more ephemera stories - and today's is a doozy!

A while back I received a message from Ann Hutter, a good friend of Ephemeraology's over on the Facebook page and a loyal reader of the blog.  She asked me if I would like some old National Geographic maps.  She had my address from a swap we had done a few years ago and if I said the word, she'd send them out.  "Sure!", I replied, "But just so you know - if you do, you WILL be blogged about!" Ann had no problem with this so she sent out the maps.


Holy smokes!!!  Okay, when Ann very humbly said, "I have a bunch of old maps from National Geographic", I took that to mean that I would receive a flat envelope of some maps.  Here's what came in the mail:

A medium flat rate box FULL of maps!  Thanks Ann!

Needless to say, I was BOWLED OVER.  Then I read her wonderful and touching card that accompanied this amazing bounty (seen here, handmade and FABULOUS), and I got all verklempt: 
"My dad was a lifelong subscriber to the National Geographic magazine.  He saved most of the magazines and maps.  The magazines we have donated and given away over the years but I kept most of the maps, thinking I'd want them for something someday.  But now it's time to move some of them on the other places and what better place than with someone I know will appreciate them fully.  I've saved a few back for myself as well (YAY! says Mel) and hope to use them in some art journaling or ATCs soon.  So, these maps are yours now!  Enjoy them, use them in your art, give them away!  I can't wait to see what art you come up with."
*SIGH*  Is that not wonderful?  :D  The note goes on to say more wonderful things, PLUS I got these ATCs, too!

I feel so honored to have these maps in my possession - some of these date back to the THIRTIES.  And that blue!  That gorgeous map blue that doesn't seem to exist anywhere else!   Many of the maps have that tell-tale National Geographic font, but some of the early ones are quite different.  Some of the newer ones also contain some fabulous illustrated images that I will of course use as well.

Readers, to paraphrase Lou Gehrig, I feel like I'm the luckiest blogger in the whole blogosphere.  I can't believe my good fortune to have such wonderful folks following these posts.  YOU are the reason I write every day!  Thank you so much for reading - and today, I want to especially thank Ann Hutter for being one of my earliest "followers" (they have to come up with a better word - I don't think of Ephemeraology as a cult!).  I appreciate these maps more than you know.  :)


  1. Color me jealous ... what a great package to explore!

  2. Whoah, what a windfall! What a great friend! I had a friend send me a rather large box of vintage sheet music and I was practically rolling around in it with joy! Please tell Ann that her beautiful ATC's had me absolutely drooling...they are SO BEAUTIFUL!! I finally got through reading about all your featured artists! That was really a great idea you had, lady!! I can't wait to read about your next batch of artists!!

  3. Mel - I'm so glad you loved the package and the maps! I knew I'd saved them all these years for something worth while and this was it! I never realized about the "tell-tale National Geographic font" and the "gorgeous map blue". I'll have to look again at the ones I kept! So much to learn! Thanks blueskyartist for the nice comments on the ATC! two of them I did them with Mel in mind. The corset one was one of the first ATC I made! They are so much fun to make!!

    1. You're welcome, Ann! I'm Kristi, by the way. I sometimes forget my name is not in my "username". :)

    2. Nice to meet you Kristi!!