Friday, July 20, 2012

Quiz Kids!

I'm so excited - it's Tour the Town night here in Fond du Lac!

For those of you who don't know what that means, it's our monthly gallery walk that my friends Julie and Liz started about a year ago.  I was thrilled when Brian and I were asked to be on the committee - it's a group that gets things done!  I am participating this month at As You Wish, one of my favorite downtown shops.  We always have a great time!

This seems to be the year of the gallery walk, because I was able to participate in another one last month!  One of my favorite little cities, West Bend, also began a Gallery Night this year!  I showed at the PERFECT venue - a gift shop/antique store called Apple Barrel.  I had frequented Apple Barrel before, every time I visited West Bend.  So when I learned that I was showing there, I was thrilled!  What better place than an antique shop/general store to showcase my ephemera-based artwork?  :D  Laurie, the owner, couldn't have been more wonderful.  It was a truly fantastic experience!

Of course, while I was there, I just HAD to peruse the items for sale!  I didn't get very far, however, because it was BUSY the entire night.  So I just looked around my area and even then I found about 20 things I wanted to buy.  This gem was a given:

Oh yes.  This was goin' home with me.  How could it not?!  And it's COMPLETE!  How many 72 year-old board games can you say that about?

Alas, it won't be complete for long - just look at the myriad ephemera just waiting for me to use in my art work!  There are:

question cards,

letter tiles, 

map pieces, 

the original instructions - 

even the inside of the box cover is covered in vintage graphic-y goodness!

If this is the companion to the radio/TV show of the same name, that makes it even better.
As you can see, the box is in near-mint condition, and it's always harder for me to use stuff when it's intact.  But these pieces are so great, I don't think I can let them sit.  I'll leave the box alone, though!  I promise! :D


  1. Wow. That board game is fantastic. And, yes, it's quite a coup to find it (apparently) fully intact. For kids back then, I wonder if this was the equivalent of having Colecovision or Atari, what with all the dandy gaming possibilities. Terrific find!

    1. Thanks Chris! I can't believe what good shape it's in myself! I would've LOVED this as a kid, even in the Seventies, but because it's in such good shape I have a feeling that it wasn't played with much - either that, or they took REALLY good care of their toys! :D