Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nikki Soppelsa

Note from Mel:  This marks the ninth in a series of ten posts about various artists who work with ephemera.  I put out the call on June 22 and I got some wonderful responses! 

Happy Thursday, Ephemeraologists!  I hope all of my friends in the States had a lovely (and STEAMY, for most of us!) Independence Day.  :D

Our featured artist for this Thursday is Nikki Soppelsa.  I "met" Nikki via Facebook and mutual collage friends.  Here is Nikki's story, in her own words:
"A lover of books and paper since I was a little kid, in my early twenties I began collecting 'other' stuff too.  Some forty plus years later, I'm still at it and in adoration of the 1800s to the 1950s. 
When I began the art of collage again, I found myself with a modest amount of materials to utilize.  A collector is less apt to take scissors to anything, so another direction in collecting took form...old paper meant to be cut, meant to be torn and all for art's sake while still appreciating its history and charm. For me, it is a marriage of two worlds that I love and know so very well. 
The paper is what captivates, adds the element of intrigue, the contrast of time and of texture."
Ah - there's that word again - "collector"!  It seems that this is a pattern with many of our featured collage artists (and Yours Truly!).  In viewing Nikki's work, you can definitely see her collector side show through:

"Seating Arrangements ~ M"
by Nikki Soppelsa

Take this collage, for example - it was created from snippets of ephemera sent to Nikki from a swap (that's another thing we collectors like to do!).  She then sent this collage back to the person with whom she swapped!  What a lovely gift!  I love this one - the surreal interior design feel is fantastic.  I want to live here. :)

Here is one of the smallest collages that Nikki's ever done - it measures only 2 X 2.5".  But boy, does it ever pack a punch!  There's a lot going on in this piece - the subtly watercolored background, the lovely sheet music bits, that fabulous crow, the hand offering the stamp - yet somehow, it's all perfectly arranged and it just flows together so nicely.  You'd think that with so many different pieces of ephemera the collage would be too "busy".  Not so!  It all works together beautifully.

Besides her blog and her Facebook page (highlighted above), you can find Nikki on Imagekind and via her other Facebook page, Collage Collaborative, which is a page dedicated to Nikki's collaborations with other collagists.  

Thanks for answering the call, Nikki!  :D


  1. ...and thank you, Mel, for a beautifully written piece on my collage art! I've made my day!
    Thanks again ... Nikki

    1. Oh my goodness, Nikki - well, you've certainly made MY day knowing that you like the post! :D Your pieces are so lovely, you made my job easy! :D Thanks again for answering the call! :D

  2. Very nice! I especially like the tiny collage. It incorporates several things I love to use in collages - vintage sheet music, images of hands, postage stamps and bird images! I particularly like crows. I'm not sure why...they just seem so clever!