Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Finds from the 'Fev!

You know, sometimes I get caught up in the paper so much that I forget to show some love to my fabulous advertisers!  WHAT?  You didn't know I had supporters for the blog?  I sure do!  Look to the right of this post - you'll see them in all their glory.  :)

A few weeks back I paid one of these fabulous places a visit.  Manto Fev is amazing and, as always, I came away with some wonderful stuff!  Allow me to show you what I got (and what's available to you!):

I am REALLY excited about these items - vintage Indian postcards and telegraph receipts!  SWOON!!!  I've always thought the Indian alphabets are so beautiful (I don't know enough about them to decipher which one this is), and when they're handwritten, even better! When the stuff's vintage, to boot?  MAJOR score.  These prices are insanely inexpensive, so you can afford to get some of each.  I can't wait to create something with these!

And speaking of Indian items, I also bought a hand carved stamp!  These are new stamps using traditional Indian patterns.  Older stamps were used for textiles but you could use these with paper, too!  I love mine!

You've heard me talk about this before, but I can't get enough of vintage school worksheet pages!  Sara sent me some great ones - I LOVE the clock one, and the fruits and veggies one would be perfect in a collage.  Part of the fun of these pages is that you never know what you're going to get - I like to think of it as an art challenge!

Okay, I've saved the most unusual item for last - check out these vintage glass teeth!  Sara thinks they were either samples or used in teaching methods.  They are so unique, I had to buy some.  I'm think I'll probably use them in a fun assemblage piece, although I'm not quite sure how yet.  But come ON!  How can you pass these up when you see 'em?  :D

If you don't have any shops near you that sell vintage ephemera goodness, why not have some fun and check out Manto Fev and all of my other wonderful advertisers?  I'll forewarn you - you can easily get lost in the sites.  :)


  1. Way cool stuff. Thanks for the sharing!

  2. I checked out Manto Fev's website and fell in love! You're right, the prices are awesomely affordable! Not that I need anymore stuff, but...maybe once in awhile, just for a treat! ;)

  3. okay, the teeth are sorta creepy, but the rest of the stuff is cool!! Did you have any choice with the stamps, or do they choose for you??

    (and even though I think they're creepy, I can't wait to see what you do with them!)