Monday, July 2, 2012

Nancy Goodman Lawrence

Note from Mel:  This marks the sixth in a series of 10 posts about various artists who work with ephemera.  I put out the call on June 22 and I got some wonderful responses! 

Greetings readers!  Today we begin the second week of our Ephemera Artists series!  Today's featured artist is Nancy Goodman Lawrence.  

"Portrait of Dave and Ori" by
Nancy Goodman Lawrence
Once again, it was in Masters: Collage where I first discovered Nancy's work (for those of you who own the book, Nancy's work begins on page 120).  I was absolutely mesmerized from the beginning - how could anyone manipulate maps in such a way that they resembled watercolor paintings?  

I also love the fact that Nancy sometimes works from old photographs.  Clearly her works were all maps but even though my eyes saw cartography, my mind could see the actual photograph somehow.  This was a revelation to me, because I always had a hard time with this in my own work.  Nancy's work made me realize that the mind sees what it wants to see, regardless of the medium used..

Let's hear in Nancy's own words how she began working in collage:
I've always been a nervous tearer of anything in my sight. If I sit too long in a restaurant, I will rip up the placemat and sugar wrappings, creating mini collages without even knowing I'm doing it. However, it took me years of working as a painter to move in that direction in my art. As we know, one thing always leads to another, and so, while cleaning out my parents' home, I came across a box of maps and took them home. This was the beginning of creating an entire body of work from maps. Maps are beautiful drawings in and of themselves, so they have a habit of "suggesting" their way into other forms, such as the human body. This morphing is what I find fascinating about all collage - the idea of starting out as one thing and becoming something different. The possibilities are endless, as are the "implications" of what lies beneath the complex surface."
"Concentric Narrative #2" by
Nancy Goodman Lawrence
I'm very glad that Nancy discovered collage, because I got to know her when we were both part of an online exhibit last year called "To the Power of N: When N Equals 10".  You may recall me talking about this wonderful experience - Joel Lambeth, the curator and founder of this experiment, chose 10 artists to create works of art using only 10 pieces of ephemera, all of which were the same for everyone.  I LOVED what Nancy created with her pieces, and I wrote her to tell her so.

I know you'll enjoy Nancy's two pieces here, but check out her Web site to see more.  It'll inspire you to see ephemera in a new way.

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  1. Wow! That's pretty amazing! I like to use maps too, but I never thought to put them together quite like Nancy does!