Friday, July 27, 2012

Handmade Paper Love!

All week long I've taken a "vacation" of sorts from my usual collaging - I've been practicing for my big handmade paper demo debut tomorrow at Prairie Fest, a Fond du Lac festival in collaboration with our Gottfried Aboretum, celebrating all things earth-friendly!  My husby Brian is on the board, which is how I came to be involved with the festival.
I've spoken of my love of paper-making before, but this is the first time that I'll be the 'do-er' instead of the viewer.

The stack shown above is a cross-view of all of the papers I've made this week, and my "waste not, want not" idea of saving scraps (no, it's NOT hoarding!) paid off big-time!  Take, for example, this piece:

I made it with the leftover scraps I had from these projects! 

Here is the close-up of that particular sheet of paper I made: 

I call it "Note Paper" - get it?  :D

Here are some other papers I made this week!  I made them with vintage phone book pages (left), a pint-sized fruit crate, like the kind you get at farmers' markets (center), and recycled envelopes that I painted with pulp, made from tissue paper (right).  

There is something so relaxing about creating something new from something in the trash.  I am so happy that I met and became friends with the Grummer family (yes, THAT Arnold Grummer family!) last October at the Friends of Dard Hunter conference in Appleton because without their wonderful products to use, I don't think I ever would've tried making paper at all (have you seen the directions for how to make paper from scratch?  VERY time-consuming and can be costly). All I need is a blender and this kit, and I'm good to go!
Did you know that I am a Certified Paper Maker with Arnold Grummer, Inc.?  It's true!  I am actually authorized to sell their products and do demos and workshops using their techniques!  And I'm the only one in my area that will be a Certified Paper Maker, so within a 25-mile radius of Fondy, I'm the It Girl with the company.  How cool is that?  :D  

So, those of you in Fond du Lac, stop on down to Prairie Fest and see how easy it is to make paper!  :D


  1. Lovely. I like the one from the fruit box best but they are all pretty cool. Very imaginative.

    1. Thanks Annie - the fruit crate on is a personal fave, too! And you hardly need any of the crate at all, because it's the consistency of an egg carton. I'll get a LOT of mileage out of the two I have! :D