Monday, July 23, 2012


...and Dennison!  :D

I wonder if it's some law of the Universe that young girls love stickers?   It seems to transcend generations, too - my sister and I collected them and when they were younger, and my nieces did as well.

Of course, the subject matter changes over the years, but the "bug" seems to be prevalent.  Back in my day, it was those "3-D" (we called them "puffy") stickers made of vinyl and later, the Mrs. Grossman's stickers, which you bought by the inch.  My nieces loved anything with puppies or kitties, or Justin Bieber.  But before any of those stickers, there were these:

Eureka and Dennison seals!  Aren't they wonderful?  :D

What I enjoy so much about these is the variety.  Animals, birds, holidays, people, history, flora - there were so many subjects from which to choose!

I know most of you will think I'm crazy, but I liked the gummed adhesive stickers, the kind you have to moisten yourself (like we all had to do with postage and trading stamps).  I actually enjoyed that taste!  I'll even go so far to say that if ephemera had a taste, it would be that gummed adhesive.  If someone could bottle the smell via the flavor of labels or stamps, I would buy it!  What, is that weird?  :D

Okay, back to the stickers (or "seals" - there's a word you rarely hear nowadays)!  They have everything going for them - they're tiny, they're in booklet form, there's a whole bunch in a pack (more bang for your allowance buck), and you can collect 'em all!

I got my booklets in two places - the Kewaskum Antique Mall (one of my favorite antique stores ever), and Persimmons Studio, my friend Kim 
Geiser's place in Manitowoc (and these I picked up during Ephemerafest!).  I have mainly birds but I LOVE the fruit and Thanksgiving booklets!

Oddly, I have only done one collage using the labels - this Thanksgiving ATC whereby I cut out the turkey from one of the Thanksgiving labels and stuck it on her plate.  This card has a very happy story attached - it was the card that Pam Kueber found on Flickr and used on her very popular Web site, Retro Renovation, for her Thanksgiving 2009 post.  It was that ATC that launched our collage contest collaboration there in 2010-11!  Maybe I owe much of my success to that one Dennison seal?  :D

One last thing - if you haven't already, be sure to enter the "600" contest, going on right now!  You could win some fabulous prizes!  :D


  1. Delightful!!! I think I had all those Dennison sticker books when I was a kid -- and I sure do wish i still had them. Charming. I never see them anywhere
    to buy. Love the altered card with the turkey sticker.

    1. Thanks Pamela! I often think about the cool stuff I had as a kid that's now probably in a landfill 5 miles under, which is why I "buy back my childhood" every chance I get! :D