Thursday, June 7, 2012

Which Came First?

(Has anyone else pondered this question until their head spun?  Sometimes I enjoy debating the metaphysical.)  :D

Apologies to my vegan friends, but I LOVE eggs.  They are a miracle product, when you think about it - sweet or savory; alone or used as an ingredient; breakfast, lunch or dinner - they just WORK.  At least for me and, thankfully, for Brian as well.

I love how inexpensive they are!  Our grocery store runs sales where I can get a dozen for 88 cents.  I also have friends who raise chickens and I've been known to trade goods or services for farm-fresh eggs.  That's a win-win in my book!  :D

And of course - I love the ephemera!  Let's get to it:

This first item are vintage labels that I've actually purchased in more than one batch.  I got the first batch several years ago and ran out, so when I found them again at Silver Crow Creations I had to get my hands on more (and they're still available, if you're interested in owning some yourself!).  :D  Aren't they lovely?  That shade of green is just right.  Great, bold graphics, too!  I've used this label in at least one collage (see below) - how could I not? :D

This second piece is not quite as "flashy", but I love it nonetheless.  I got it at The Paper Flea Market a while back (there are some still available, so you can get one too!).  It'll probably be used as a background for a collage - maybe some chickens will make an appearance?  :D  Plus - be still my heart - it's in TRIPLICATE, so I get white, yellow AND pink, in all of their carbon-y goodness!  :D  I'm guessing this receipt to be from the Thirties or Forties - it's only got a 3-digit phone number (I love that!).

This last piece is one that is near and dear to me - it's a menu brochure from a Canadian restaurant called Eggspectation.  Isn't that a hoot?  Because Canada is bilingual, the restaurant also has a French name - Le Cirque des Oeufs (which translates to Egg Circus), because the pun "Eggspectation" would have no meaning in French.  There are many items on the menu that are non-egg, but why would you go to this restaurant if you weren't going to try one of their egg dishes?  :D  The whole menu is filled with wonderfully horrible egg puns: "Eggstreme", "Uneggspected", "Eggcitement", "Eggsuberant" - you get the drift.  But the real reason this menu means so much to me and why I'll never cut it up is because it's from my last trip to Toronto, which I took with my sister Jen.  We had such a fabulous time!  It was her first time to Canada and it was one of those great sister-bonding trips.  I feel so lucky we were able to do that together.  :D

And oh yes - the lowly egg has been featured in some of my collages, too!

ATC called, appropriately, "Which Came
First?"  :D
One of my very first ATCs EVER!  :D

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