Friday, June 22, 2012

Show me What ya Got!

No, this isn't some untoward advance - I think more highly of my readers than some tawdry dalliance!  :D

If any of you "like" my page on Facebook (and, really - why wouldn't you?), then you may have seen a request yesterday to see the art pieces you've done using ephemera.

Well now, I'm asking here!  If there are any of my readers out there who would like to share their Web sites and/or Facebook pages showing art they've created using ephemera, I'd love to hear from you!  Here's what you do:

1.  Using my e-mail mel(at)kolstad(dot)net, send me a link to your Web site and/or Facebook page.  Please DO NOT comment below - I'll delete them.
2.  In that same e-mail, briefly explain how you got into using ephemera in your work and why you enjoy using it.
3.  By e-mailing me, you agree for me to use your artwork on my blog for that particular post only.  I OF COURSE will give full credit and links to your photos where necessary.

That's it!  When I collect enough Ephemeraologists to make a good blog post, I will write all about you and your wonderful works.

You've all seen my work already - now it's YOUR turn!  :D

Happy Weekend, everyone!

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