Friday, June 29, 2012

Robert Hugh Hunt

Note from Mel:  This marks the fifth in a series of 10 posts about various artists who work with ephemera.  I put out the call last Friday and I got some wonderful responses!   

Wow!  We're at the mid-point for our Ephemera Artists series!  I hope you're all enjoying it so far - isn't it fascinating to see how these artists interpret the ephemera in our lives?

"Mr. a" by Robert Hugh Hunt
Continuing on this journey, we have Robert Hugh Hunt as our artist for this Friday.  Robert is a collagist/painter living in Kentucky.  He studied painting in collage but now mainly focuses on collage and drawing.  With his mixed media pieces, he says he "strives to create a sense of nostalgia".

Mission accomplished!  That's exactly what I see when I see his works.  What I noticed when viewing his large collection of collages is that, to me anyway, Robert lets the ephemera speak to him, and he then works with it.  I love that his work is a very coherent collection, but that each separate piece is its own entity.

Robert began creating collages the same way I did - mail art.  This is what he has to say about it:
"I started making collage in the eighties. There was a huge mail art movement. I have always had a yard sale/ thrift store mentality though, I collected ephemera, even before I started using it in art. Things would just catch my eye."
I can most certainly relate to that!  :D

"The Restaurant 2008" by Robert Hugh Hunt - made with shopping lists!

I first became aware of Robert's work via one of my favorite books,  Masters: Collage , curated by Randel Plowman (if you own the book, Robert's work begins on page 56).  When I first got the book a couple of years ago, I remember poring over his pieces to see how he connects things.  His work inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and to look at color and texture, rather than what that piece of ephemera used  to be.  I also take this quote to heart: 
"Originality doesn't mean making something that's completely new; nothing is completely new.  Originality means breaking and bending and shaping what's come before until it belongs to you."
I always come back to that quote when I'm critical of my own work.  Thanks for the inspiration, Robert.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!  I'll be back with the second half of our series on Monday!  :D


  1. I love that saying! I'm going to have to save that and use it in someway!

  2. What a wonderful quote! I am definitely writing that down! I love "The Restaurant" - it made me feel as if I'd been transported to a real restaurant!