Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Plethora of Patterns!

I know I've said this innumerable times before, but I have wonderful friends!  I am so lucky to have these people in my life.  I think they like me too.  Why?  Because I help them clean their families' homes.  :D

Case in point - my good friend Amy e-mailed me and said, "Hey Mel - would you have any use for old patterns? My mom was cleaning out her garage."

"Absolutely!", I answered back.  So she said she'd put them aside for me until we saw each other.  Fanastic!  I am always in need of a fewOHMYGOODLORD

When Amy handed me the bag on Monday, my jaw nearly dropped!  There had to be 20 patterns in there, I thought (just counted - 23, to be exact)!

These are all 80s patterns, which is new for me.  Up until now I've only had 1960s sets, which only featured illustrations on the front.  As you can see these have a photo AND an illustration.  BINGO!  I'm also getting quite a fashion history lesson - I had forgotten that the 80s were so inspired by vintage fashion!  I'm seeing a lot of Forties-esque styles in this bag - I guess that answers the question to "Why the huge shoulder pads?"  :D

I've proclaimed my love of patterns before but I'll say it again - I love these because they're so versatile!  I can use the photos or illustrations on the front:

"Flower Girls" clock

"How to Match Plaids" ATC

Or I can use the patterns themselves:

"Sewing Machine" pendant, available here

"In Fine Form" ATC

"Consensus" ATC

See why I love them so much?  These patterns will do whatever you want them to do.  I also have another skill in my arsenal now - papermaking.  :)  I can't WAIT to throw some pattern paper in with some cotton linter and see what happens.  When I get a chance to make some I will definitely show you the results!  :D

Thank you again, my dear Amy, for this wonderful gift!  I so appreciate you thinking of me!  :D


  1. Patterns are great to use on frames with a bit of gold or silver leaf - I'll take a picture of one I did for Pete later today.

  2. I was in a fabric store yesterday and the bag they put my purchase in was made from the instruction sheet of a sewing pattern. I may have to start buying patterns just so I can make some!