Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Michael Billington

Note from Mel:  This marks the second in a series of 10 posts about various artists who work with ephemera.  I put out the call on Friday and I got some wonderful responses!  

"SL 666E with Rudd" by Michael Billington
Hello Ephemeraologists!  Today's artist, Michael Billington, also hails from the great country of England - Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester, to be exact (although I admit I don't know how the Brits classify their cities!).  

I've actually "known" Michael for about four years now - we "met" on Flickr when he saw my collage work. We became contacts there and much to my surprise, Michael asked me if I'd like to be a part of his exhibit,  "A Centenary of Collage", back in February of 2009.  WOULD I?!  I sent two collages over the pond and was absolutely thrilled to be considered!  It was my first real exhibit EVER, and I owe it all to Michael.  :)

"Mascot" by Michael Billington
But let's hear about Michael in his own words: "I have been painting for some time, since I was old enough to hold a brush probably, and over the last ten years or more I have turned to collage as a medium and, more recently still, to printing; monoprints, collographs, etching, screenprinting and linoprints.
I have featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions in England and Ireland. My work is in private collections in England, Ireland, France, Canada and the USA."

As you can see, Michael has a very Dada aesthetic when it comes to his collage work.  I've always admired collagists who can fluidly combine ephemera to create a piece that speaks to the zeitgeist, and Michael captures it brilliantly.  For the longest time his Flickr avatar was a photo of Kurt Schwitters (my favorite collagist), whom I discovered thanks to Michael!

"Meeting" Michael online is just another of those examples of the miracle of social media.  To see other artists' work and be able to actually correspond still astounds me.  I love hearing about ideas from other collagists and Michael was one of the first to seriously discuss art with me.  Thanks Michael!

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