Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kristi Fredrick

Note from Mel:  This marks the third in a series of 10 posts about various artists who work with ephemera.  I put out the call last Friday and I got some wonderful responses!  

Welcome to the third installment of our "Ephemera Artists" series!  Up next is Kristi Fredrick, who is a collage artist living in Waupun, Wisconsin (about 45 miles northeast of Madison).

I know Kristi - we "met" about two years ago via Facebook but actually met in person last year during an exhibit at our library.  Kristi feels about collage the way I did (and still do!) when I started - she's utterly addicted to it.  She makes sure to carve out time for it and it brings her much joy to create.

But enough of my relationship to Kristi - let's hear about her Ephemeraology experience in her own words:

Repurposed cutting board using milking supply ads from
a 1930s Montgomery Ward catalog - BRILLIANT!
(Copyright Kristi Fredrick)
"I first discovered collage in grade school. I think that started a lifelong obsession. As a young adult I discovered decoupage and that became my hobby. Eventually I found a book about mixed media collage (or altered art). I was fascinated by this new art form and once I tried it, I was hooked! 

So, why do I love ephemera?  I think it might be one of those strange addictions like those people who like to eat dirt or paint chips, only it's a much healthier addiction!  As far as the more modern ephemera goes (I especially like pictures from national Geographic magazine or Birds and Blooms), it's usually the beauty of an image that speaks to me. Maybe it's a colorful flower or some interesting architecture or a human face. I see the image and I try to imagine how it could contribute to a piece of art.

Collaged picture frame using old sheet music and
vintage magazine ads
When it comes to antique ephemera, I think my love for vintage stuff has become an obsession! Ever since a friend gave me a 1917 newspaper that became part of my first decoupage projects, I just cant get enough! Sometimes I like the look of the design and the lettering or the logo in and old ad, or maybe it's the clothing and hairstyle of a bygone era in an old photograph. In particular I have fallen in love with early 1900s postcards!  The beautiful artwork on the front, the handwritten messages on the, love, love!

The cool thing about mixed media collage is that you can arrange these images any way you like in order to tell a story, send a message, ask a question, stir a memory or evoke a feeling.  Even seemingly ordinary objects like postage stamps, receipts, labels, and price tags can become part of a work of art! You can make a piece whimsical or serious, happy or sad, romantic, wistful, silly...wherever the piece takes you!"

Yep, I think Kristi is hooked.  :)