Monday, June 25, 2012

Josie Beszant

Note from Mel:  This marks the first in a series of 10 posts about various artists who work with ephemera.  I put out the call on Friday and I got some wonderful responses!  

Happy Monday, everyone!  I am so excited to begin our "Ephemera Artists" series today!  I figured that because my motto is "taking the discarded and making it arted", that you'd like to see how others interpret that in their own work.

For the next 10 days, I'll be featuring one artist per day.  I'll also be going alphabetically, lest anyone think I'm playing favorites.  :)  So let's get to it!

"Memory Specimen - Silence"by Josie Beszant
As the title implies, Josie Beszant is our first artist. Josie makes her home in the UK (more specifically, Masham, Yorkshire, England) and also runs The Gallery, where she represents approximately 50 artists (including herself).  She describes herself as "a collector of stories, poems, fragments of things."  That is absolutely apparent in her work!  I love how she incorporates ephemera like old photos, stamps, and music into her work.  Her collages are most certainly narrative!  I could make up a story for each one.  To me, they also have a dreamlike quality to them.  Here's what Josie says, in her own words:

"The Inheritance" - part of an ongoing
series called "The Sewing Room"

I am a collage artist and I particularly like using ephemera. I got into using ephemera gradually; I have always been a painter and included snippets of collage in that and gradually over the years the collage has overtaken the paint. I especially like using ephemera as it (is) the stuff that people have kept and then discarded. My work takes discarded objects from the past and through the reworking of them attempts to speak about the present and future and the emotions that we all experience.  It looks at decay and preservation, makes connections between people who have long gone from this world and our current experience of the world.


One of the best things about putting our calls for artists like this is seeing what everyone else does with ephemera, and it ALWAYS surprises me.  Josie's work is wonderful, and it was so nice to "meet" her through this call!  :D

We'll be back tomorrow with another artist - stay tuned!


  1. Very nice work, Josie! I love what you're doing, Mel!

  2. Wow, really imaginative! I like the collage-garment!