Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jane Lee Horton

Note from Mel:  This marks the fourth in a series of 10 posts about various artists who work with ephemera.  I put out the call last Friday and I got some wonderful responses!  

I can't believe we're almost halfway through our "Ephemeraology Artists" series already!  I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am - I just love viewing others' work!  

Today's artist, of course, is no exception!  Jane Lee Horton is another UK artist who answered my call to be a part of this series in the "Notpaper" group on Facebook.  In fact, she was the very first to answer!  It was so exciting to see her e-mail in my inbox!
"Runaway Thoughts" by Jane Lee Horton
I was even more thrilled when I perused her Web site - her work is just wonderful!  I like how she calls herself a "multimedia" artist instead of "mixed media", like most of us do.  She incorporates collage sparingly in her work - here, allow me to let Jane explain why:

"I’ve been a collage artist since I was a kid, my mum used to give me her old clothing catalogues to cut up and play around with to keep me quiet.  I got into using ephemera way back when there seemed to be more of it around, as it wasn’t as popular as an art material as it seems to be now.  I used to come across it at jumble sales (what those in the US call yard sales) and junk shops.  Now you can get it on ebay!

 I like to use it sparingly, to make a statement, too much in one work can look overdone.I particularly like old documents, especially the ones with rubber stamps on, usually official documents like old deeds etc. old bank notes and of course old photos are always wonderful!"
(From now on, I'm going to call rummage sales, "jumble sales"!  I LOVE that!)

As you can see in her work, Jane is also a textiles artist.  I love how she stitched part of her "Runaway Thoughts" piece - I'm a big fan of combining sewing elements with collage, and the cleanly stitched lines around the old letters and the mustachioed gentleman accent the piece so beautifully.

"Waves" by Jane Lee Horton
The other piece I've chosen for the blog post (but you can see them all for yourself on Jane's Web site!) is called "Waves", and it just spoke to me.  Talk about using ephemera sparingly - each piece is a statement!  The Napoleonic gentleman made of maps; the birds; Big Ben; the ships, wave and tiny letter fragments; they all combine for a beautiful piece amidst a painted background.  So lovely.

I'm so glad that Jane answered the call to be on the blog - serendipity strikes again!


  1. I like how Jane uses ephemera sparingly and makes the empty space part of the piece. I like the one about the runaway thoughts...that's so me!

  2. Wow waves is interesting! I especially like Runaway Thoughts...I so relate!