Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's Planting Time!

Yesterday I engaged in one of my favorite summertime rituals - planting the garden!

Gee - who do you
think they were
catering to? :D
I look forward to this activity every year.  We don't plant much - just tomatoes and cucumbers in our vegetable garden and a planter with annuals on the front porch - but it yields so much enjoyment (and eventually, wonderful veggies!).

I'm probably even late to the game - I know a lot of my friends planted two or three weeks ago already, but I always wait until June because a). everything's on sale; and b). the risk of a frost or freeze is greatly diminished. Plus, my tomato plants are already HUGE, so less work for me!  :D

The detailed science behind crops - fascinating!

Living in Wisconsin, I grew up amongst a lot of agriculture.  I mean, I didn't personally - I'm a product of the suburbs - but I was surrounded by farmland.  Here in Fond du Lac County, there are still many farms, especially to the east and south of me.  There are no farmers on either side of my family, going back at least 5 generations.  But the farm has always been fascinating to me, probably because it's so foreign.

One aspect of farm life that has always interested me from an ephemeral standpoint are the seed signs you pass as you're going down the highway.  They have so many great qualities - little pictograms, great logos, usually numbers - they're the real deal.  It's kind of hard to use a full-sized sign in your artwork, though!  So when I saw these tiny notepads with seed companies advertised on them, I HAD to have them.  Aren't they wonderful??  I was fortunate enough to snag these before the Fond du Lac Antique Mall left our downtown - and for 50 cents apiece, how on earth could I refuse?  :D

This is one of those ephemeral items that keeps me clamoring for more, and drives me right to sites like Ebay.  If I can find little notepads like this, what ELSE is lurking out there with those great seed logos?  More importantly, is it tiny?  Tiny's always good! (Answer: nothing fits that query right now.  Rats.)

Oh well, I am content with these little guys - for now.  Ephemeraologists are always on the hunt for new (old) and interesting items, and I'll keep searching!  :D


  1. How fun! I especially like the little notepads with the line drawings. I'm rather fond of seed packets myself, although I have yet to decide what to do with them.

    1. I like those too, Ann! I can't wait to try these out in a collage - I just have to design it first. :D

  2. Oh, these are fantastic. Around here, you can find a lot of vintage notepads for feed & fertilizer. But they're much less vibrant than these.

    1. Thanks Chris! I feel so fortunate to have gotten these before the store closed! I know one is from 1960 but I'm guessing the others could be as late as the 70s, maybe? That would explain the "vibrancy". :D