Monday, June 4, 2012

It's ANOTHER Giveaway!

Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope you all had wonderful, ephemera-filled weekends!  Any estate sales?  Antiquing?  Auctions?  :D

I received a package in the mail on Saturday that made me jump for joy!  But first, a little back story:

Last Wednesday, I got a Facebook message from Randel Plowman.  Some of you may remember him from  previous posts (here and here) about the amazing way he uses vintage ephemera in his collages.  Randel also curated the book Masters: Collage  (2010) that has served as my inspirational bible for the last two years.

Well, Randel has a NEW book out tomorrow called The Collage Workbook - How to Get Started and Stay Inspired.  Here's where the Facebook message comes in - Randel wrote to ask me if I would like a copy of the book to give away on my blog.  Here's my reply, verbatim:

"WHAT?!?! Do you mean it, Randel! The answer 
is a resounding YES! YES! YES!!!  Thank you so much! "

So yeah, I was pretty excited that this was happening.  :D

Here's what I love about being a collage artist - it is a very small community.  When I began creating collages in earnest I began seeing the same 20 or so people online and hearing their names everywhere.  Randel was one of those collagists.

I had first seen Randel's work in "How" magazine back in July of 2009; the article was about Randel's blog, "A Collage A Day".  It was one of those articles that I had earmarked and kept referring to for inspiration.  I was astonished that someone would take it upon themselves to literally create a collage a day.  How fascinating!  And I immediately fell in love with his work - I think you can see why:


"White Lies"

"The Potato Eaters"

"Silver Tongue"

(I actually have one more of Randel's pieces framed but the glare on the glass is so bad, I couldn't get good photos of it - if only Brian were here!  :D).

I have been greatly influenced by Randel's work.  In fact, here is the collage I created in his class that I was so fortunate to have taken almost exactly a year ago: 

"Blue Bird of Happiness" by Yours Truly  :D

See what I mean?  :D  

Speaking of taking one of Randel's classes, good news!  If you're in the Milwaukee area and would also like to learn from a collage giant, Randel will be at Stella's on Vliet teaching his Collage Workshop on Sunday, July 15.  As one Facebook commenter put it, "It's gonna be RAD."

Oh, I almost forgot!  You know that package that I mentioned in the beginning of the post?  Well, I've got Randel's newest book in my hot little hands, just waiting for someone to win!  A huge bonus?  It's AUTOGRAPHED!  :D  I'll have you know that it's taking every ounce of my willpower to not open this book, but I want whomever wins it to receive it with an uncracked spine.  :D

I know you'll all want a shot at the book, so here's what you do - head on over to A Collage a Day and peruse Randel's awesome collage.  When you return to this post, in the comments below or on Facebook, let us know which of Randel's collages is your favorite.  It can be for sale or already sold - doesn't matter.  Just write the one that speaks to you.  :D

Because of mailing costs, I'm going to have to limit this contest to US and Canadian residents only - sorry about that.

Okay!  Tell us your favorite collage!  Ready, set, GO!  :D


  1. I love all of his birds! The Mockingbird is my fave. (You have the BEST giveaways, Mel!!)

    erinaugh (at) yahoo (dot) com

  2. I like The Mockingbird. I actually am drawn to all the birds; I've been making textile collaged birds and nests lately. But when I scrolled down The Mockingbird immediately struck me as 'the one'. I've been seeing one on my walks. The first time I saw it I didn't know what kind of bird it was, but I thought maybe a mockingbird because every chirp and call out of its beak was different! Came home to look it up, and indeed - a mockingbird! OK, does the longest comment give me a leg up? ;-)

  3. I loved the birds but I was drawn to "The Date" This bird has travelled far but always comes "home" (see the birdhouse?) I wish I could have flown with him - oh the stories the would tell. He seems happy. I like my work to tell a story. Isnt a picture worth a thousand words? And besides we each can make it our own.

  4. Oh my---I almost picked the potatoes (newest one because it's edgy)but then settled on the Mockingbird and I see from comments above I am the third to pick this. I picked this as over time this is the one I could look at the longest --it's classic. I adore the color box and I like how Randel does a lot of his collage in sections, those strong lines. And, in this one, I like he broke those strong lines with the bird and the angled lines of the birdhouse. Because the above people picked the Mockingbird also it tells me that this blue color box is speaking to us more than the subject. Blue is restful for me.
    I want this book badly and would be delighted to follow the instructions in it on making a collage a day. When Randel comes back to Fondy, I'll take his workshop again.

  5. Gosh Mel I loved them ALL - I particularly like retro. However if I had to pick one it would be with the owl image - Starlight or Green Number 3...If I don't win I'm still tempted to pick up a copy of Randel's book....J

  6. Mel, I agree that you do the greatest give-a-ways, and this is another. Because I'm such a lover of baseball, the collage that spoke to me was Untitled (The Pitch). Thanks also for pointing me to Randel's blog and amazing artwork!

  7. Like several of them, but love "How to Draw Like Audubon". What fun that you're doing another give away so soon - thank you :)

  8. I like Mixed-Up. So simple, yet complex and mysterious. They're all wonderful and inspiring.

  9. Starlight>>>LOVE OWLS!!! But I also love White Lies...i'm torn!

  10. I loved all of them-but the collage called The Palm tree is my Fav!!

  11. I love the ones with the birds - but The Date is my favorite for today :) Thanks to you both for the opportunity to win this great book!

  12. Thanks Mel!
    SO many from which to choose! It's difficult to pick my favorite; BUT I really love the simplicity and monochromaticity of "Enter Here" (Sept. 1, 2011). And I finally placed Randel's blog on the list of blogs on my "" site (why did I not have it on before?). Thanks so much for your posts.

  13. The Palm Tree. Love his work and would love to get lucky with this contest! : )

  14. I would love to win this lovely book, please toss my name in the hat...Have an artsy week!
    Dawn Binyon

  15. Sorry, Dawn - the contest entered at noon. But not to worry - we'll have plenty more contests coming up! :D