Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Contentious Race!

Today is an historical day here in Wisconsin - it's the first time in our state's history that we're voting to recall a governor.

Our state is as divided as the nation - no surprise, I suppose, but the last year and a half has been BRUTAL in terms of the political climate.  Neighbors have been pitted against neighbors, as have friends.  Perceptions of people changed when one discovered their political bent.

One good thing has come of this - it has made people realize how important EVERY election is, regardless of whether it's national, regional or local.  Even school board elections matter, and for too long we've been complacent with our voting rights.  It's time we stop taking this freedom for granted; it's also time that we find a common ground and WORK TOGETHER to get things done.  It's like the word "compromise" has been stricken from the dictionary.

As soon as I'm finished writing this blog post and taking Dudley for his 'walkies', I'm heading to the polls.  I suspect I'll be there a while - and that's fine with me!  I love the fact that people CARE enough to do something that takes 60 seconds to complete.

Okay, enough grandstanding!  Onto the ephemera!

Check out this game called Politics Party-Pun - what a hoot!  I got it at Old Stuff Only a while back and I HAD to have it.  :D  The paper part is your "ballot" and I think the gist of the game is to roll the two die and hope that you get a head AND a tail of either the elephant (R) or donkey (D).

If you get heads, you put "1" and tails you put "2".  I don't know exactly what the point of the game is, but there may be a piece missing.  :D This game has a copyright of 1960, so maybe it was made in time for the Nixon-Kennedy election.  It does dispense some timely and excellent advice:  "You can keep your freedoms if you VOTE"; "Be a Voter"; "Register and Vote"; "Always Vote"; etc.

As my friend Vickie always said:  "You have no right to complain if you don't use your right to vote."  Amen, Vickie!  So to my Wisconsin friends who still think that your vote doesn't count?  AU CONTRAIRE!  Get yer patoots out there and vote early and vote often.  Just kidding about that last part.  :D


  1. Oh, I don't know, sometimes it seems that one might as well vote this way. At least vote one way or another.

  2. We in So Cal (my family, anyway) have been following the Wisconsin political process, and wish you all the best.

    Today is our primary day as well; I've voted, the Elder Daughter has voted, and the Husband and Younger Daughter will vote when he gets home from work. I'm not going to let him sit in his recliner until he's voted, so there.

  3. The election didn't end up quite as we hoped but I really hope things change. You're right about neighbor against neighbor and everything. It's interesting! Emma was actually in tears last night when she saw Walker had won! Where was this coming from? Future activists perhaps? We shall see! I LOVE this vintage political game! Especially the tail ends of the donkeys and elephants, too funny! I actually feel most politicians are more like the tail end of the animals anyway! haha!