Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wrappers Delight!

How's this for wonderful - I was checking out the haps on Facebook on Saturday morning when I stumbled upon a post from Silver Crow Creations.  This is nothing surprising in and of itself, as Annie and Pete are constantly updating their inventory at the shop.  But Annie had just posted this photo of a bunch of envelopes, sleeves, wrappers, etc. that really caught my eye (click on the photo to see it large, or click the link above):

In case you just want to know the caption, Annie wrote: "Here are just a few of the cool vintage envelopes and bags we got to package up your orders. We get new bags, too, but we think it's fun to use the vintage kitschy stuff when we can. Hope you like them, too."

To which I replied, "Annie, I would BUY those wrappers and envelopes!"  Annie responded with, "I'll send you some, Mel. We sell a product called, "Envelope of Envelopes" - a bunch of vintage envelopes, sleeves, bags, etc. and a few new ones - I took one of those - added all these bags and sent you one - you always write such nice stuff about us on your Ephemeraology page, we thought it would be a nice thank you."

Can you believe that?!  I can!  These are the kind of folks that Annie and Pete are - always thinking of others.  Even though they've both been through the wringer this past year with myriad SERIOUS health problems, they're always thinking of their community, or their customers, or their friends.  I feel very fortunate that I found them online and that we've become such great Internet friends.  :D

Talk about speedy - Pete sent the envelope out on Saturday, and I got it YESTERDAY!  I can't believe how awesome these wrappers and envelopes are - each one is cooler than the next.  Here is just a smattering of the neat items I was so generously bestowed:

I can't wait to use these in collages!  I think that clown image is calling my name....  :D

Thank you again, Annie and Pete, for your unwavering generosity.  I'm so glad I met you through Silver Crow Creations!  :D

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  1. Wow! Thanks, Mel, for the nice post. We love all the stuff we learn through you about ephemera and other old things. We're delighted to have met you, too! We're glad you like everything. And, we're getting healthier even as I type! I hope your readers enjoy the pix and whatever clever thing you do with the "loot."